Plant cells, Animal cells and cells! (Normal)

Quiz instructions: This quiz is basically about cells, plant cells and etc, What you have to do is basically read the questions, think and then click the answer you think is correct. This quiz is normal difficulty and you can always quit or pause. You have 9 minutes, enjoy! :)
Quiz by MarcosiumO2
Last updated: November 22, 2022
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1. What are all organisms made out of?
Special dough
2. What are cells?
I don't know
They are the special particles that orbit around the nucleus of atoms
They are the basic building blocks of life that contain DNA
All of above
3. What does DNA stand for
Dysprosium nitrate acid
Deuterium nitric acid
All of above
Deoxyribonucleic acid
4. What are cells made out of
Molecules, Organelles...
5. Where is the DNA in a cell stored?
6. What is one of the differences between animal and plant cells
Plant cells have a cell wall instead of a cell membrane
I don't know
Animal cells have a cell wall and plant cells have a cell membrane
Plant cells are made out of photons and animal cells are made out of atoms
7. What is another difference between plant and animal cells
The Ribosomes on plant cells are red and on animal cells they are green
All of below
Plant cells have chlorine and animal cells have carbon
Plant cells have a larger vacuole than animal cells
8. What is another important difference between animal and plant cells
All of below
Plant cells are more rectangular and animal cells come in a blob shape
Plant cells have chloroplasts and animal cells don't have one
Animal cells have centrosomes and lysosomes but plant cells don't have it.
9. What is something that animal and plant cells have
They have centrosomes and lyosomes
They have a cell wall
They have a cell membrane
They both have cytoplasm.
10. What are some special organelles that only plant cells have
Smooth/Rough endoplasmic reticulum
11. What is photosynthesis
It is a photo
It is a physical reaction
When a plant uses light H2O CO2 to create O2 and energy as sugar
All of above
12. What do the chloroplasts do
They help with photosynthesis
They create chlorine
They create helium
They emit light
13. What is another difference between animal cells and plant cells.
Animal cells have a special tail to move around but plant cells don't.
Plant cells have a larger vacuole than animal cells
Plant cells are rectangular but animal cells are not rectangular.
Animal cells are red and plant cells are green
14. Bonus: What does E.Coli mean
Einsteinium coli
Erbium coli
Escherichia coli
Europium coli
15. Bonus: Are viruses living things
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