Statistics for Disney Villains

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HintAnswer% Correct
Rich snob who just wants a new coatCruella deVille-101 Dalmations
The lamp-seeking advisor of the sultanJafar- Aladdin
Thirteenth heir of the Southern Isles, concocts a plan to rule another kingdom through marriageHans- Frozen
Blue-haired ruler of a place down underHades- Hercules
Butler who is the heir to a fortune-after a group of felinesEdgar- The Aristocats
Tyrannical queen with severe anger issues that are often deadly to othersQueen of Hearts- Alice in Wonderland
Gold-digging family of 3 who will do anything to marry into royaltyLady Tremaine, Anastasia, Druzilla- Cinderella
Treasure-seeking director of a punishing summer camp who forces the campers to do the work for herThe Warden- Holes

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