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1022023-05-17Yakko's World With The Original Map
762023-04-23FIFA World Cup Host Cities
582023-05-25AI Generated Flags
492023-04-05NATO Countries by Population - In Order
462023-01-02Flags - Correct or Incorrect?
402023-01-13Colonial Empires by Countries
392023-04-16Red Dead Redemption States and Regions
392023-01-11WW2 Battles by Images
342022-12-07AI Generated Flags - Europe
312023-01-17Dictator by Country and Date
312023-01-14Richest Countries Per Year (GDP)
302023-05-04Countries Where the Largest City is not the Capital (REVAMP SOON)
302023-04-21Red Dead Redemption Cities and Towns
292023-03-16Islands With the Highest Elevation
282023-04-06Arab League Countries by Population - In Order
262022-12-13Flags by Sentence Description
252022-12-11AI Generated Flags - Asia
242023-01-08Natural Disasters
242022-12-13Geographical Feature by Sentence Description
242023-01-15Road Abbreviations
232022-11-22Largest Territories (Area)
232023-04-06Least Populous Countries - In Order
232023-01-14Flags - Correct or Incorrect #2
232023-01-01Transcontinental Countries
212023-01-04States of the USA (Geometric)
212023-01-18Secessionist Movements by Flag - Europe
202023-01-14Elements That Don't Match Their Symbols
202023-03-11US Presidents - Where They Rest
202023-01-12US Major Non-NATO Allies by Category
192023-02-03World War 2 Timeline Blanks
192023-01-05Rivers by Watershed Shape
192022-12-07AI Generated Flags - Oceania
182023-02-17Landlocked Countries with Navies
172022-12-07AI Generated Flags - South America
172023-02-28States With Springfields
172022-12-07AI Generated Flags - North America
172023-01-13US States by Satellite Image Snippets
162023-04-29Purposely-Built National Capital Cities
162023-03-27Countries With Antarctic Research Stations
162023-01-02AI Generated Flags - Africa
162023-01-20Secessionist Movements by Flag - Asia
152023-02-17FIFA Winner/Runners-up Country Shapes
152022-12-04Stroop Test
152023-01-13Countries by Satellite Image Snippets
152023-05-06All of the United States
152023-01-04Eight Nation Alliance
142023-01-11Partially Recognized Countries - Capitals
142023-01-08Latest Flag Changes
122023-02-03Megacities by Categories
122023-01-01The 7 Lakes
92022-11-25Pandemics/Epidemics in History
92023-04-23U.S. State Flags - Blue Background Flags
92023-03-17Largest Country Subdivisions - Area
92023-01-14Capital Cities by Flags
82023-01-14Canadian Provinces/Territories (Geometric)
82023-01-20Secessionist Movements by Flag - North America
82023-02-21Secessionist Movements by Flag - Oceania
82023-01-22Megacity Flags
72022-11-23US States and Territories by AI Generated Flags
72023-02-11Countries Fact Snake
72023-01-18Secessionist Movements by Flag - Africa
72023-03-03All Translated Countries of the World Quizzes on Jetpunk
72023-01-14Australian States and Territories (Geometric)
52023-02-23States and Regions of Far Cry 6
42023-01-07Territories (and Similar Entities) by Shape
42023-02-06Jetpunk Official Badges
32023-01-14League of Extraordinary Communities
32023-05-03U.S. State Flags by Listed Items
32023-04-01A Quiz About Jetpunk