World War 2 Timeline Blanks

Can you fill in the blanks of the given statements about World War 2?
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Last updated: February 3, 2023
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End of World War One
Austria-Hungary is dissolved.
The Treaty of Versailles is signed. Many Germans were furious with the outcome.
The League of Nations is established, although it is seen as a failure later on.
The Treaty of Sevres dissolves the Ottoman Empire.
Benito Mussolini organizes the March on Rome.
The Soviet Union is established.
The Ruhr is occupied by Belgian and French troops.
The Republic of Turkey is established after the end of a civil war.
A failed coup in the German city of Munich is staged
... by the Nazi Party.
The Great Depression starts after the Wall Street Crash.
Japan invades the Manchuria province of China.
Hitler is elected Chancellor of Germany.
The Abyssinia Crisis starts between Abyssinia and Italy.
The Spanish Civil War Starts.
Japan 'rapes' the Chinese city of Nanking.
Austria is annexed by Nazi Germany, also known as the Anschluss.
The British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, agrees to give parts of Czechoslovakia to Nazi Germany.
Nazi Germany and Italy form the Pact of Steel.
Poland is invaded by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.
Start of World War Two
The United Kingdom declares war on Germany.
France declares war on Germany.
Initially, a line of defenses (the Maginot Line) prevented Hitler from attacking France.
... However, Hitler decided to attack the less fortified Low Countries to get around French defenses.
Nazi Germany invades Denmark, which lasted six hours.
The Auschwitz Concentration Camp was built.
Allied troops are evacuated from the French city of Dunkirk.
The client state of Vichy France was established.
... In response, Free France is established and is led by Charles de Gaulle.
The Battle of Britain begins, which is fought in the air.
... The battle is fought between the German Luftwaffe
... and the British Royal Air Force.
Iran is invaded by the Allies to ensure safety of Allied supply lines.
Italy, Japan and Nazi Germany create the Tripartite Pact.
The Italian invasion of Greece begins, although it ends in disaster for Italy.
The countries of Hungary,
... Romania
... and Bulgaria joined the Axis.
Operation Barbarossa begins.
The Enigma Code is cracked in Bletchley Park.
The Soviet city of Leningrad is besieged.
Pearl Harbor is attacked by the Japanese, leading to the United States entering into the war.
The Battle of Midway is fought, turning the tide of the Pacific Theatre.
The Manhattan Project starts, developing the nuclear bomb.
The Guadalcanal campaign begins in the Solomon Islands.
Operation Torch commences, leading to an allied invasion of North Africa.
Italy, a major axis power, switches sides.
General Eisenhower would become Supreme Allied Commander of Operation Overlord.
The Tehran Conference starts.
D-Day begins.
... in the French region of Normandy.
... The beaches of Gold,
... Juno,
... Omaha,
... Sword,
... and Utah are confirmed as landing sites.
The Battle of Leyte Gulf starts, ending in disaster for the Japanese.
The Battle of the Bulge begins as the final German offensive.
The Yalta Conference starts.
The American flag is raised on the island of Iwo Jima.
The battle of Okinawa starts. It was the last major battle of the Pacific Theatre.
The Battle of Berlin starts. It is fought between the Soviets and the Germans, eventually leading to German surrender.
Nazi Germany's leader commits suicide via gunshot in his bunker.
V-E Day is celebrated on the 8th of May.
The Potsdam Conference starts.
The cities of Hiroshima
... and Nagasaki are nuked.
Japan announces it surrender on the 15th of August.
End of World War Two
In Europe, the countries of Austria
... and Germany were occupied by allied forces.
The Paris Peace Treaties were signed.
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