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A prisoner escaped by converting the chicken house into an airplane. A police spokesperson says he just attached the wings and flew the
The man thought he'd strike it rich with his new invention, a cardboard belt. Unfortunately people said it was just a _____ of paper.waist
A new school has been opened where they teach chickens how to dance. It's like watching _______ in motionpoultry
An inventor has created a fold up counter made entirely of manure. He calls them closing counters of the ____ kind.turd
I had a dream the other night that I was a muffler. When I woke up I was completely ___________.exhausted
Someone who flies across the ocean twice consecutively without taking a shower in between is a dirty _____ ________.double crosser
A man vacationing in Peru rescued one of the locals who was drying. They fell in love on the spot and were wed. You could say he married her before the ____ was dry.Inca
An amateur photographer happened upon a ghost and asked if she could take it's picture. The ghost agreed, but unfortunately the picture didn't turn out because there wasn't enough light in the house. In other words, the ______ was willing but the _____ was weak.spirit flash
In a unique ceremony, twelve dozen priests took their vows inside a submarine. The headline read Gross in Sub _____________.Ordination
An arctic wildlife photographer who uses only equipment from the 1970s was rushed to hospital for pain in his bottom after sitting on an iceberg for too long. Fortunately it turned out just to be a bad case of ___________.polaroids

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