Batman Arkham Series Villains

Name all villains
Quiz by deadboy59
Last updated: August 6, 2017
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The Clown Prince of Crime
Released his fear toxin in Arkham Knight
Catwoman's Nemesis in Arkham City
Muscular villain that you fight in Arkham Asylum and Origins
Fake Joker in Arkham City
Villain who you must rescue from the Museum in Arkham City
Mr. Freeze
Main villain in Arkham Knight: controls militia and was once a ally
Arkham Knight
Fire loving freak with a jetpack and flamethrower
Villain who holds up the museum in Arkham City
Leaves trophies around Gotham
Joker's psychiatrist, who turned into his lover and sidekick
Harley Quinn
Giant that you fight in the museum after Penguin blows up the Iceberg Lounge
Solomon Grundy
Creature that appears in a side mission in Arkham Knight: Creature of the Night
An assassin who were created by the Sacred Order of Saint Dumas
A serial killer in Arkham City who carves tally marks in his skin for every kill he makes.
"Mother Nature" controls plants to fight. Batman's friend and foe. Appears in Knight, City, and Asylum
Poison Ivy
Lives in the sewer, appears in Asylum, City, and Origins. Giant sewer beast.
Killer Croc
Serial killer in Arkham City who got plastic surgery to look like Bruce Wayne
Serial killer in Arkham Knight that plays opera music near his victims
Professor Pyg
Villainess that you rescue from the Riddler and Two-Face In Arkham Knight and City
Villain you can find on the bottom floor of the city hall imprisoned in Arkham City
Calendar Man
Assassin that you fight in Arkham Origins. Has an arsenal of weapons
A marksman in Arkham City and Origins
Main villain in Arkham City, controls TYGER Security and Gotham
Hugo Strange
Immortal being, controls a league of assassins and has a daughter who was Batman's lover
Ra's al Ghul
A villain seen in the very first moments of Arkham City. Can be faced in a Riddler challenge
Black Mask
Villain obsessed with Alice in Wonderland
Mad Hatter
Level 35
May 29, 2017
Ra's AL Ghul. Otherwise great quiz.
Level 43
Aug 6, 2017
Thanks! I really appreciate that you enjoyed it!


Level 53
Jul 5, 2018
It's Ra's AL Ghul, please change it as no one is going to get that one if you have it spelled wrong.
Level 33
Mar 22, 2021
Killer Croc appears in Arkham Knight in the Season of Infamy DLC in Beneath the Surface. Great quiz!
Level 43
Mar 26, 2021
Thanks! I love the season pass!
Level 60
Jan 24, 2022
Great quiz
Level 22
Mar 6, 2023
i thougt the arael question was shiva cuz im not smart but still great quiz
Level 43
Mar 21, 2023
Where are the villains that only appear in Arkham Origins?
Level 43
Mar 21, 2023
Arkham origins sucks and isn't part of the real story so i didnt add it