Star Wars Planets (Hard)

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A mountainous planet that was destroyed by ex-Jedi Kyp Durron.
A lush planet that is home to the Ithorians that built great floating cities.
A desert planet that is inhabited by a brutal species known as the Yevetha.
A site of fighting during the Mandalorian Wars. Home to the Ysalamiri who created bubbles to hold back the force.
A planet where Admiral Ackbar accidentally crashed his ship. Also home planet of the Vors.
A planet known by Moraband in the Clone Wars. Also the sole planet in the Horuset System.
Known as the Demon Moon, this moon was one of four that orbited the planet Onderon.
A small desert planet that housed Sith refugees after their loss in the Great Hyperspace War. Before all the wars this planet was home to Jedi Master Thon.
A planet in the Hapan System. with seven moons. The sun never set on this planet and the people had poor night-vision.
This planet in the Shiritoku Spur had a important spaceport in its capital city of Salis D'aar. This planet is also the site of a historic truce between the Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic.
This planet translates from Huttese as "Walking Planet". This planet had slaves that were planning a rebellion. Two Sith also unleashed a deadly toxin in this planet's oceans under the rule of Moff Yage.
Da Soocha
A planet that orbits the sun Corell in the Corellian System that is home to the Selonians.
A planet with blue seas and great land masses that was home to the Khommites.
A planet in the Darpa Sector in the Core Worlds. This planet has three continents that stretch around the planet along with 28 moons. Not to mention this planets 10 billion inhabitants that are almost entirely human.
This planet that has coordinates P-5 in the Outer Rim. This planet was the homeworld of Sila Kott.
Capital planet of the Ssi-ruuvi Imperium and home to the Ssi-ruuvi military society.
A humid planet in the Polith System on the Rimma Trade Route. This planet is where the galaxy's bacta was produced.
Planet that is home to a small furry and intelligent species whose origin is unknown. These creatures were transported to the planet by celestials attempting to habit it.
A planet in the Deep Core where a day lasted about 31 hours and a year lasted 207 days. This planet was the secret throne world of Palpatine and where he kept his Imperial Citadel.
Main port world of the Corporate Sector, this planet is home to many exotic species A deadly contagious virus also originated from this planet.
Planet settled by the H'kig where they created the Temple of the Infinite Spirit.
Nicknamed moneyland, this planet was the homeworld of the Muun and was the headquarters of the Intergalactic Banking Clan.
A planet colonized by the Galactic Republic, and was a field hospital during the Mandalorian Wars. Also the site of a factory for Lhosan Industries.
Agriworld in the Corellian Sector with a capital city named Dorthus Tal City.
A small and mineral rich planet that had many volcanic features.
A mountainous planet that former padawan Asaji Ventress ruled until she was recruited by Darth Tyrannus. Home to the Rattataki which closely resembled humans.
A planet that was originally a colony of the Empire, but was lost after the Great Hyperspace War, this planet is the third planet in the Dromund System.
Dromund Kaas
This planet is the homeworld of the Noghri and was the only planet in its system with a permanent population. This planet has one massive continent that spans across the planet.
This mainly oceanic planet with scenic island was a part of the Bothan System in the Mid Rim, and was a Bothan Colony.
This planet is the only inhabited one in the Pyria System, it is also covered in jungles and beaches.
A planet that is the home of the Arkanians.
A living planet that can travel through space. The seed of the Yuuzhan Vong homeworld, Yuuzhan'tar that was destroyed during the Cremlevian War.
Zonama Sekot
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