Star Wars Planets (Intermediate)

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Last updated: April 10, 2022
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Uninhabited ice moon that is home to the Jakoosk.
Celsor III
Jungle planet with Rebel outposts and the Temple of Eedit. It is also home to the Devaronians.
A remote farm-like planet and also the birthplace of Ezra Bridger.
Dark planet that is home to a Sith temple. Once the site of a major battle between the Jedi and the Sith.
Malachor V
Jungle planet, home to the Rodians who live in big domed cities.
A big beach-like planet that is famous for its brandy drink. This planet's Pnakotic Coast was where smugglers from Kessel hid their stash in an abandoned refinery.
Known as The Shadow World, this planet is completely dark and has no light whatsoever.
Planet that is home to an ancient civilization known as the Zeffonians.
A swampy, foggy, and forest planet which played a key strategic role in the Clone Wars.
A dry and rocky planet in the Outer Rim with the coordinates M-5.
A swamp plant with constant fog and overcast clouds.
A planet in the Outer Rim that was controlled by the Empire. This planet was the home of Grand Moff Tarkin.
An arid desert planet filled with criminals. This planet is where Hondo Ohnaka ran a piracy and a profitable salvage operation.
A mountainous planet which housed the headquarters of the Varluk Organization. Occasional sand rains happen on this planet.
A planet in the Mid Rim that was home to the Trandoshans. These Trandoshans were rivals to the Wookies .
A lush and watery planet that was used to conceal cartel sumggling operations.
A planet that is constantly visited by criminals and mercenaries. A large military compound on this planet was dedicated to protecting "The Child".
A remote planet in the Outer Rim that eventually submitted and pledged allegiance to the First Order.
This planet was located in the Wild Space region hidden behind a imploded star cluster. This planet was the original homeworld of the Lasat.
Lira San
Techically not a planet, but an ethereal realm in which the Force passes down through Sith and Jedi by ways of stories and artifacts.
A planet in the Mid Rim that was the birthplace of Darth Bane's Order of the Sith Lords
A planet of mixed terrain that was mostly untouched during the Clone Wars
A beautiful planet with steep mesas and verdent scenery, but was completely built on slaves.
A desert planet in the Outer Rim that was home to the Er'Kit Species.
A jungle world in the Inner Rim filled with ferocious creatures. People survived by living in settlements.
A planet with immense crystal formations, it was also the site of many battles in the Clone Wars.
A frozen planet dominated by an arctic tundra. Home to the natives called the Talz.
Alzoc III
A scarcely inhabited planet in the Outer Rim covered in a vast desert with orange skies.
A aquatic planet filled with colorful coral and home to the Quarren people.
Mon Calamari
Planet that is home to the Ancient Sith.
A planet in the Outer Rim within the Mandalore sector. This planet has three moons.
Concord Dawn
An aquatic planet in the Mid Rim that is home to the Aqualish Species.
A marshy bog planet that has a lot of criminal activity. This planet is controlled by the Hutts.
Nal Hutta
This planet is a junkyard and is known as one of the galaxy's dumping grounds.
Lotho Minor
A remote planet in the Lothal sector of the Outer Rim. The only known inhabitant was a mysterious force bender named Bendu.
A planet with lush plains in the Outer Rim. This planet is the Birthplace of Darth Tyrannus.
A desert planet in the Corporate Sector of the Outer Rim. It houses the casino city Canto Bight.
An industrial shipbuilding planet that produced ships for the Empire and Republic in the galaxy's Core World region.
This planet housed a base of operations for the Black Sun Crime Syndicate. This is also where Han Solo tells of encountering a bounty hunter.
Ord Mantell
A planet in the Core Worlds. This is where Mon Mothma originated from and represented in the Senate of the Galactic Republic.
An aquatic uncolonized planet with a vast coral reef and many animal species. This also where Luke Skywalker encounters Del in Battlefront II.
Located in the Expansion Region, this planet is the homeworld of the Togruta species.
A small planet extremely close to the Naboo sun. The core of this planet was made up of green acidic lava. The lava created rock formations and acid lakes.
An "earth-like" planet that was home to Obi Wan Kenobi. Named after Daily Show host Jon Stewart.
A planet in the Rolion sector in the Outer Rim where large seed pods grew. This planet was inhabited by Mastiff Phalones.
A tropical planet in the Outer Rim notorous for its smuggling and pirating havens during several wars. Home of the Rishii species.
An ocean planet near the Wild Space in the Outer Rim. It was the homeworld of Chelidae. An aircraft refueling station known as the Colossus was located on this planet.
A planet located past the Outer Rim Territories. Dexter Jettster spent time prospecting this planet.
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