Ultimate Sea of Thieves Quiz

Exactly what it sounds like
You may need to put "the" before something or (s) after something if its plural
If there is something that is not in the quiz, let me know or check my other quizzes, it might be there
Quiz by deadboy59
Last updated: March 29, 2020
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Area on Map
The Shores of Plenty
Area on Map
The Ancient Isles
Area on Map
The Wilds
Area on Map
The Devil's Roar
Secret Area on Map
The Shores of Gold
Company where you sell chests
The Gold Hoarders
Company where you sell skulls
The Order of Souls
Company where you sell crates
The Merchant Alliance
Trading company that you sell certain chests to
The Bilge Rats
Drunk man who you sell certain chests to, part of above
Trading company that reside in every seapost, accepts fish, meat, and gems
The Hunter's Call
Trading company that has their own tavern. They also control the arena
The Sea Dogs
Trading company for pirate legends
Athena's Fortune
Gold-lovers names always start with this letter
Skull-lovers names always start with this letter
Crate-lovers names always start with this letter
Tavern keepers names always start with this letter
Weapon smiths names always start with this letter
Shipwrights names always start with this letter
Equipment shopkeepers names always start with this letter
Pirate Emporium shopkeepers names always start with this letter
Clothing shopkeeps names always start with this letter
The first pirate to discover the Sea of Thieves
The Pirate Lord
Strange man who resides in any tavern
Mysterious Stranger
Tattoo artist who wants to find all pirate legends
Bounty hunter at certain island
Deadshot Charlotte
Woman who was banished to islands after "lootin" too much
Lootin Penelope
Feral man who lives in Crooks Hollow
Wild Henry
Mysterious masked figure who resides at the Reapers Hideout
The Masked Stranger
Biggest boat in the game
Middle sized boat in the game
Smallest boat in the game
Very small boat to transport loot ot get to island to island. Can be attached to main boat
Massive shark that spawns and will attack a boat if threatened. There are five different types of this shark.
Squid creature that makes the water black and allows the boat to stay in one position when spawned
Ships that are either Galleons or Sloops, and are controlled by Skeletons
Skeleton Ships
Forts that have lots of loot, marked by giant skull in the sky
Skull Fort
Main "bony" antagonists of the game
Regular skeletons, except more aggressive, more health, and copping a bandana
Bandana Skeletons
These skeletons are covered in gold, and must be rusted before being attacked
Gold Skeletons
Skeletons covered in plants, easy to kill with fire
Plant Skeletons
Normal skeletons by day, but by night, they are shadows that have to be stunned with light
Shadow Skeletons
Skeletons that carry gunpowder barrels
Gunpowder Skeleton
Skeletons that have a lot of health and usually give you a skull or orders to find a buried chest or ashen key
Skeleton Captain
Head skeletons in forts, they drop the vault key
Skeleton Lord
Skeletons that are exclusive to fiery tall tales such as Heart of Fire
Ashen Skeletons
One of three Skeleton Lords in a fort, quite the scoundrel
The Two Faced Scoundrel
One of three Skeleton Lords in a fort, shows strong mutiny
The Mutinous Helsman
One of three Skeleton Lords in a fort, the only girl one
The Duchess
Makeshift molotov cocktail in the game
Explosive throwable that produces knockback
Sword in Sea of Thieves
Pistol in the game
Shotgun in the game
Sniper in the game
Eye of Reach
Company that made the game
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