Quizzes by Higasus

A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user Higasus.
# of Quizzes 21
# Subscribers 1
Times taken 766
Quizmaker Rank # 13,105
1382023-11-06AHL Teams By Logos
1272023-11-03OHL Teams
1112023-11-05OHL Teams By Logos
872023-11-02AHL Teams
822023-10-31ECHL Teams
572023-10-31WHL Teams
462023-11-05WHL Teams by Logos
422023-11-05QMJHL Teams By Logos
392023-11-02QMJHL Teams
82023-11-01FPHL Teams
72023-11-01SPHL Teams
52023-11-03NOJHL Teams
42023-11-01AJHL Teams
32023-11-02SJHL Teams
32023-11-02CCHL Teams
22023-11-03OJHL Teams
22023-11-02MJHL Teams
12023-11-02MHL Teams
12023-11-04SIJHL Teams
12023-11-02Scottish National League Teams (SNL)
02023-11-05KIJHL Teams