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A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user Cyanite18.
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Times taken 2,509
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1562022-12-16Fast typing
1032022-12-12Fast math (HARD)
912022-12-16Fast Typing (HARD)
782023-03-08Countries by First Three Letters in 300 Seconds
712023-01-11Countries that start with A
642023-03-08Five Closest Countries by Country
642023-01-25Countries that start with L
612023-06-05Rainbow friends monsters
612023-02-06Countries that start with N
602023-01-19Countries that start with B
602023-01-26Countries that start with M
602023-01-267 days 15 seconds
562023-03-08Unscramble the Country Part #1
562022-12-16Fast Typing (HARD)
552023-02-07Least Populated Countries A-Z
522023-03-08Countries of the World with an Empty Map
512023-01-22Countries that start with C
512023-05-30Mincraft mobs quiz
502023-01-22Countries that start with E
492023-02-07Countries that start with O
462022-12-15Fast Math (HARD)
442023-01-26Countries that start with K
442023-02-07Countries that start with P
442022-12-21Guess the Country
442023-03-08Youngest Countries
432023-01-24Countries that start with J
432023-01-24Countries that start with F
432023-02-07Countries that start with R
402023-01-22Countries that start with D
402023-01-24Countries that start with I
392023-02-07Countries that start with Q
392023-01-24Countries that start with G
392023-02-06Country (True or False)
362023-03-14Minecraft mobs quiz
352023-01-24Countries that start with H
352023-02-06Most populated Countries A-Z
312023-02-06A-Z Countries - Part 1
312022-12-11Fast Math
302023-05-05Countries that stat with S
302023-01-12Countries that beat U.S
282022-12-19Popular Holidays
272023-03-08Countries of the World Quiz but it's mixed up
242022-12-13Guess the Continent!!!
242022-12-10Nascar champs 2022-2007
242023-02-07Biggest U.S states on a map
232023-05-10Hill Climb Racing 2
212022-12-16Missing blank
202023-05-05Countries by Borders in 75 Seconds
192023-02-07South America map quiz
182023-01-2612 months 15 seconds
172023-02-07Popular Countries on a map
172023-02-07Rarest Minecraft mobs
162023-05-05Clue to Country
132023-02-07Australia map quiz
102023-01-30Minecraft youtubers
82022-12-16All about me
42022-12-13United States
32022-12-14Hill Climb Racing 2 - Skulldrop18