1,000 Days of JetPunk

To celebrate my 1000th day on JetPunk creating quizzes, I have made this quiz! All answers relate to my experience and account.
All information as of January 21st 2020
Quiz by Stewart
Last updated: January 21, 2020
First submittedOctober 24, 2018
Times taken36
Average score33.3%
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What was the very first quiz I posted about?
Social Networks
What was my first featured quiz?
Chess Pieces
How many quizzes have I got featured?
To the nearest 1000, how many takes did I get on my biggest day?
26,000 (7th January 2020)
What is my most taken quiz?
Random World Map
How many takes (to the nearest thousand) does it have?
What quiz did I release on October 1st 2018, being the biggest quiz on JetPunk?
All Counties of the USA
Which quiz of mines SVG am I most proud of? (HINT: Non-geographic)
What is my current quizmaker rank?
Level 68
Oct 24, 2018
A massive thanks to everybody who's helped me through the last 1000 days, in particular scambigol, Quizzer and Jerry.

I know I've taken a few breaks (sometimes lasting months) in between, but I have visited the site everyday at least just to record my stats. Hopefully I'm here for 1000 more days, and I hope everybody keeps enjoying JetPunk as much as I do :)

Level ∞
Oct 25, 2018
Thanks for making so many great quizzes!
Level 68
Oct 25, 2018
Couldn't have done it without such an amazing site to make them on!
Level 55
Oct 24, 2018
Very difficult quiz! Though congrats on being on Jetpunk for so long! That requires dedication. I’ve been on for just over a year, but that’s tiny compared to how long you’ve been on for! Especially considering that you came on everyday to track your stats. Insane!
Level 68
Oct 24, 2018
Thanks :) The advantage to coming on every day (which was especially difficult when I was away, but I managed) is that I now have 1000 days worth of accurate stats including daily takes, milestones for certain quizzes, when quizzes were featured and how many takes they got each day for a few days after it's front-paged. I also notice patterns such as Saturdays are noticeably worse, and some quizzes have a higher retention after being featured than others. For example my Country Ring quiz had a 70% retention (each day after featuring got ~70% takes from the previous day for a week), whereas my most recent Visit Japan had a 40% retention.

I study Mathematics at university, so I inherently love the stats and very much enjoy looking for patterns. I could literally write a whole blog on the patterns I've noticed! :)

Level 74
Mar 3, 2020
I would be very interested to read that blog if you made it.
Level 61
Oct 24, 2018
Didn't took the quiz though, Congratulations 🎉🎊🎊
Level 68
Oct 24, 2018
No worries! Thanks anyway :)
Level 76
Oct 24, 2018
Level 83
Oct 24, 2018
Nice to meet you
Level 52
Oct 25, 2018
Your almost impossibly efficient word searches first caught my attention! Glad you continue to make them and your other unique quizzes!

Got 5/10 on this one! Thank you & congratulations on 1K :o) :o)

Level 68
Oct 25, 2018
And thank you for your continued support :)

My Wordsearches truly are my little babies, I really don't know how I got them so compact, but to me they're little pockets of joy packaged into a quiz.

Level 57
May 21, 2020
Am I late to congratulate?
Level 43
Sep 16, 2020
It changes all the time, now you are 5th!
Level 51
Dec 10, 2020
And you have 5,761,000 takes...