Statistics for Christmas Traditions Around the World - Multiple Choice

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In the United Kingdom, a traditional dessert with Christmas dinner is the Christmas pudding. This pudding originates from medieval England, and was originally known as what?Plum pudding
In France, foie gras is a common delicacy eaten around Christmas time. It is traditionally made from a duck or goose, but which particular organ is most commonly chosen?Liver
In Lithuania, Christmas Eve, known as Kūčios, is more important than Christmas Day itself. The Kūčios meal normally has many different dishes included, none of which contain meat. But how many dishes are traditionally included?12
In Australia, people sometimes decorate their houses with a particular native plant called Ceratopetalum gummiferum. But what is the common name for this plant?Christmas Bush
In Mexico, a 400+ year old tradition is that of Las Posadas. This involves singing and re-enactments of parts of the Nativity, with carols and piñatas broken into at the end of each night. But what shape do these piñatas typically take?Star
In Denmark, the dessert of choice at Christmas is the Risalamande. This dish is similar to a rice pudding, however on Christmas eve a whole nut is hidden within the dessert, with a prize for the person who finds it. But what kind of nut is traditionally used?Almond
In Italy, one of the most important ways of celebrating Christmas is the Nativity scene. But which Italian city is world famous for its Nativity scenes?Naples
Christmas markets, originating in Germany, are extremely popular with the oldest market, Striezelmarkt, in the world attracting around 3 million visitors each year. But which city hosts it?Dresden
In the Philippines, the Christmas season begins very early, known as the world's longest Christmas season. But when does the countdown to Christmas traditionally begin?September 1st
In the United States, the traditional drink around Christmas time is Eggnog. But which part (or parts) of the egg are traditionally included in it?Both the egg white and egg yolk

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