Countries containing an 'M' AND a 'T' in their name

Can you name all 14 countries that contain BOTH an M and a T in their name?
The Country Names used are the ones featured on the "Countries of the World" quiz.
Countries are alphabetical within their continents.
Quiz by Stewart
Last updated: February 22, 2019
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First submittedMarch 8, 2016
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DR of the Congo
São Tomé and Príncipe
East Timor
United Arab Emirates
North Macedonia
United Kingdom
North America
FS of Micronesia
Level 53
Mar 8, 2016
UniTed STaTes of AMerica. Probably should accept this if you're putting the Federated States of Micronesia on there.
Level 68
Mar 8, 2016
As stated in the description "The Country Names used are the ones featured on the "Countries of the World" quiz. And, as on that quiz, Micronesia has it's federated states, whereas USA is just United States, which clearly has no M. Please read the description before complaining...
Level 53
Mar 8, 2016
So because 1 quiz is inaccurate, you felt the need to make yours the same way? Our country's name is the United States of America. That is the official name. I don't care what some other quiz refers to it as. FYI, I wasn't complaining. You can bet this is the last time I waste time on one of your quizzes though.
Level 76
Mar 9, 2016
Some countries have very long/difficult official names, so basing quizzes on official names probably wouldnt be fun. So I think a compromise is needed. And in that case I think its a good idea to have a 'standard' so that people dont worry on 'will it be state of eritrea or just eritrea?' etc when trying to find out answers. So I think just sticking to 'jetpunk' names is the best option. I may well be biased since I do the same. And anyway especially in this case I dont see how typing USA and not getting the answer can ruin the quiz. Had one answer been missed because the official name had unexpectedly been used: that would have ruined the quiz
Level 65
Mar 12, 2016
Stauf, that was very rude. Say that about my quizzes too. And say that about Quizmaster's quizzes. Go ahead.
Level 77
Mar 8, 2016
Nice :)
Level 68
Mar 8, 2016
Thank You! Somehow I keep managing to find groups of 13 countries (I think the last 3 of these were 13 countries!)
Level 52
Mar 8, 2016
I think you shouldn't count Micronesia. And I would count USA too. But your choice.
Level 68
Mar 8, 2016
Sorry for the confusion, I'm just using the names that JetPunk uses officially, which are those stated in the Countries of the World quiz. I know it *may* be confusing, but the majority of users on this site have taken that quiz, and JetPunk itself has certain "rules" which it typically keeps to (such as Palestine not being a country). Also, wikipedia uses United States, rather than including "of America", not that that's anything to go by as wikipedia also counts Palestine as a country! Either way, I use what the website I make these quizzes for uses. Stauf00 has complained on multiple occasions for something that has to be dealt with on several quizzes, all of which *usually* state that the names are the JetPunk official names. To be clear: You're not wrong, it's just not the conventional name on this quiz site.
Level 45
Mar 21, 2016
I like this quiz! Very intriguing, unique, and it really makes you think. Great job!
Level 68
Mar 21, 2016
Thank you very much :D