Country and Capitals Crossword (SVG)

Can you answer the question below to fill in all 17 answers to the SVG grid? Correct answers appear dark green, unsolved after the time will appear dark red.
I almost got the grid to work well with Countries and Capitals, but there are two instances where I had to improvise a little with upwards or anagrams!
P.S. This SVG took several hours to make due to having to make each individual box and letter, as well as getting the logic to work where two words intersect in case one is correct and one is not.
Quiz by Stewart
Last updated: November 13, 2019
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First submittedSeptember 10, 2017
Times taken5,377
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Across Clues
1     The smallest of the -stan countries (10)    Tajikistan
6     Little neighbour to 3 down (6)    Kuwait
8     Anagram of an Eastern European Capital (4)    Kive/Kvie (Kiev)
9     A landlocked 'safeground' for Spain and France (7)    Andorra
10   Capital of an American country or City in California (3,4)    San Jose
14   Anagram (though not a word) of an Oceanic Capital (4)    Iaap (Apia)
15   Host City of the first Modern Olympic Games (6)    Athens
17   Most of this country is 0-10m above sea level (10)   Bangladesh
Down Clues
2     Capital of a rather populous African country (5)    Abuja
3     One of few countries containing a 'Q' (4)    Iraq
4     Capital containing a very populous metropolitan area (5)    Tokyo
5     Country home to the tallest mountain on Earth (5)    Nepal
7     Northern-most country of mainland Africa (7)    Tunisia
11   Country where 4 down is located (5)    Japan
12   Similar to and Capital of 7 down (5)    Tunis
13   Libya and Cameroon border this African country (4)    Chad
16   (Upwards) Capital of Belarus (5)    Minsk
Level 62
Sep 10, 2017
Wonderful crossword. Unfortunately, all the answers are actually visible in the grid. Each individual letter can be seen as a faded outline within its box. Is there a way to eliminate the outline?
Level 68
Sep 10, 2017
Argh! I tried to get rid of this, and I did for computers and tablets. I'm guessing you're on a mobile, which probably makes the width of the edges around the white letters too thin or something. Very annoying! Thanks for pointing it out, but I think for most people it is not visible :) If you could tell me what device/browser you're viewing this on it may help?
Level 62
Sep 10, 2017
I actually did the quiz on my laptop... :-( I just checked my mobile, though, and the outlines are not visible on that, even when I zoom in with my fingers.
Level 68
Sep 11, 2017
That is very spooky, I've checked on different devices and browsers and still can't seem to replicate the issue. My guess is one browser in particular or something is causing an issue. I'll thicken the borders and see if that helps anyway, but it seems that limited people are affected by this. Thanks for your help
Level 62
Sep 11, 2017
Whatever you did worked :-) The problem has gone.
Level 68
Sep 11, 2017
Excellent :D Now everybody can enjoy the Crossword as it was intended to be!
Level 76
Sep 11, 2017
Level 70
Dec 6, 2017
amazing! should be featured!!!
Level 75
Nov 13, 2019
Yes, quite impressive, and I nominated it!
Level 42
Nov 13, 2019
wow! what a work.
Level 37
Nov 14, 2019
Amazing job. Thank you!
Level 65
Feb 18, 2021
Absolutely amazing Stewart! One thing is to change the "tallest" to "highest", as the tallest mountain in the world from base to summit is in the U.S. Mount Everest is simply the highest above sea level.
Level 55
Dec 29, 2021

Just one small remark- for the first hint (in the across clues), can you specify if the country is smallest by population or area?

Level 60
May 7, 2022
Yes, please do this if possible. Kyrgyzstan is larger by area, but Tajikistan is more populous.
Level 89
Jul 28, 2022
Wouldn't it be better to just eliminate 8-across and 14-across?
Level 57
Jul 28, 2022
Kiev is more properly spelt Kyiv these days.
Level 41
Jul 28, 2022
Kiev is spelt incorrectly