Empty World Map without 20 Random Countries

Try to name the 20 randomly selected countries missing from this borderless world map.
The missing countries change every time!
Countries that are too small to be easily seen are not included.
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Quiz by Stewart
Last updated: December 16, 2019
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First submittedOctober 8, 2019
Times taken67,225
Average score80.0%
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South Africa
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Equatorial Guinea
Level 84
Dec 15, 2019
"Countries that are too small to be easily seen are not included"

After time ran out, I still hard trouble finding the tiny red dot that is Burundi.

Level 68
Dec 16, 2019
There is supposed to be some challenge in this. Saying that, I have now removed Burundi and Rwanda.
Level 23
Apr 27, 2020
it is also verry hard to find Armenia and Haiti. otherwise a great quiz. ( i nominated it)
Level 54
Dec 8, 2023
They aren't THAT hard...
Level 95
Dec 18, 2023
I feel like removing Rwanda and Burundi was a bad idea, especially as other, smaller countries are still included anyway. The quiz was fine the way it was.
Level 85
Dec 19, 2023
To me, there's a big difference between an island micro-nation, such as Palau or St. Lucia, and a tiny nation surrounded by other countries on land, such as Rwanda and Burundi.
Level 62
Aug 24, 2020
The title is misleading. It should be "Borderless World Map without 20 countries"
Level 65
Feb 20, 2021
Interesting concept. I have to agree with @KingEureka.
Level 68
Feb 20, 2021
The point is this is the completed "empty world map" from the famous series on JetPunk. It is not simply a borderless world map.
Level 39
Feb 24, 2021
To me it looks borderless and green but sure
Level 65
Apr 22, 2021
Ok @Stewart. That makes sense.
Level 57
Oct 10, 2021
Good quiz Stewart!
Level 63
Nov 2, 2021
How is this not featured yet? This is a great quiz.
Level 70
May 9, 2022
At random, my map was missing Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, which made it quite difficult to notice that any of them were missing. Great quiz!
Level 86
May 9, 2022
This is a great quiz except that this virtually identical quiz is already featured
Level 68
May 9, 2022
Personally I like the challenge that you can't see country borders. Makes it harder when coastline countries (e.g. Estonia) disappear.
Level 75
Oct 8, 2022
And Estonia was the last one I got - so there you go.
Level 38
Jan 10, 2023
New Zealand was one of the countries that i had to guess and I didn't even notice.

I even zoomed like in the Pacific islands like Fiji and still didn't notice.

Sorry to all the New Zealanders

Level 59
Jan 27, 2023
New Zealand was missing for me. I didn't think much of the huge hole where the country should be. Guess I'm used to seeing it that way. (Also sorry to all the New Zealanders).
Level 73
Mar 9, 2024
There are even two subreddits devoted to maps on which New Zealand is missing: and I guess for Kiwis it's nothing new that someone forgets them. 😁
Level 69
Apr 10, 2023
I think this quiz is broken now. My 'guessed' box is out of 145 and no countries appear to be missing (and it's accepting every single country I type). So confused.
Level 68
Apr 10, 2023
Thank you for reporting the issue, it looks like a recent update broke some old randomized quizzes.
Level 66
Jan 15, 2024
Maybe it's just my end, but the map isn't empty anymore? It shows the entire world map in green
Level ∞
Jan 15, 2024
It was broken for a little bit. I'm trying some experiments to reduce our expensive bandwidth bill. Fixed now.
Level 52
Mar 9, 2024
Silly little Latvia. Had me spending the last two minutes looking for you.
Level 67
Mar 9, 2024
I almost missed Chile
Level 42
Mar 9, 2024
XD Sudan and Southsudan were missing 😂
Level 38
Mar 9, 2024
why did sri lanka as well as india when I put in india?
Level 29
Mar 12, 2024
El Salvador was very hard to find! Nice quiz
Level 22
Mar 29, 2024
why did i not get japan
Level 51
Apr 15, 2024
brilliant Stewart, another masterclass.