Head to Head - Countries #3

We put two countries head to head with each other in a series of stand offs! Can you select the winning country in each scenario?
Quiz by Stewart
Last updated: November 26, 2021
First submittedNovember 26, 2021
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1. Which does the equator pass through?
India is a common misconception, it is actually almost 900 km from the equator at closest point. Whereas Kenya has the equator straight through it.
2. Which country is larger in area?
Iran is roughly 4 times the size of Iraq in area.
3. Which has more "big" islands? (big = at least 10,000 km²)
Indonesia has 13 while Philippines has only 7. (Source)
4. Which has fewer bordering countries?
Germany borders 9 countries while Poland borders only 7.
5. Which receives more rainfall per square km on average each year?
Despite containing the Amazon rainforest, Brazil averages about 1750 mm/year, while Panama averages over 2900 mm/year.
6. Which of these is in the Mediterranean Sea?
Malta is in the Mediterranean Sea, Samoa is in the Pacific Ocean
7. Which is geographically closer to Null "Island"? (The point 0°N 0°E)
Ghana is about 575km at closest point, while Nigeria is about 770km at closest.
8. Which won more gold medals at the 2020/21 Summer Olympic Games?
While Australia won 17 gold medals, Japan received 27 golds overall.
9. Which has more IKEA stores?
Despite being Swedish, IKEA only has 20 stores in Sweden. Germany has the most of any country at 54.
10. Which country is smaller in area?
Nauru is about one-third the size of San Marino
11. Which has the greatest average elevation?
Bhutan is the greatest of any country, at 3,280m average. While Chile sits at 1,871m average.
12. Which of these has a AAA credit rating?
The Netherlands gained its AAA credit rating in 2015, while Iceland achieved just A in 2017.
13. Which is currently part of the British Commonwealth?
While Ireland joined earlier, it also left in 1949 and has not rejoined. India joined the Commonwealth in 1947 and has never left.
14. Which has more people?
Mexico has 130 million, while Colombia sits at 50 million (as of January 2021)
15. Which is more guessed in the Countries of the World Quiz?
United States is at 97%, while United Kingdom is at 94%. This correlates with the higher proportion of US users on JetPunk.
Level 57
Nov 26, 2021
Great quiz Stewart! Thank you!
Level 43
Dec 3, 2021
Huh, I thought both Ireland and India were out of the commonwealth. I remember the breakup being pretty rough.
Level 70
Dec 4, 2021
i’m confused by the rainfall question - does it mean per square kilometre? otherwise i thought brazil must get more just by its sheer size advantage. maybe that could be worded clearer
Level 68
Dec 4, 2021
Yes it is averaged over the area of the country. I updated the question, sorry
Level 27
Jan 11, 2022
i got the commonwealth wrong, even though ireland is right next to britain, i got the olympic one wrong, i feel dumb for that, i got the ikea one wrong, but sweden is known for ikea, and the rainfall one, i thought brazil was HUGE but the panama canal might be the reason i got it wrong
Level 50
Jan 26, 2022
the IKEA question really surprised me