How did we end up here? - Geographical Travels

In this hypothetical travelling scenario, we somehow ended up in the South Korean capital of Seoul. But how did we get here?

Carefully read and follow the clues to find out how we got here and to ultimately find out where we came from.
*This trip is completely hypothetical and may not be physically possible*
Distances are approximate
Where multiple answers are required from the same clue, give them in the order they would've been visited.
Quiz by Stewart
Last updated: April 14, 2019
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To get to Seoul, we travelled about 200km (120mi) somewhat south from
another capital.
Capital City
To get to Pyongyang, we got a 50km (30mi) bus from the coast, after taking a
700km (435mi) ferry from the West. To get to the ferry, we got a taxi for about
150km (95mi) from another capital.
Capital City
To get to Beijing, we took a 2000km (1240mi) flight from a major city to the
south, after visiting the Disneyland there.
Hong Kong
To get to Hong Kong, we flew 1700km (1060mi) from Bangkok, flying
over and past two countries.
To get to Bangkok, we sailed roughly 3200km (2000mi) from the south after
visiting a rather merry Australian island.
Territory of Australia
Christmas Island
To get to Christmas Island, we sailed 7000km (4350mi) of the harsh Indian
Ocean waters after leaving Mogadishu, the capital of which country?
To get to Mogadishu, we came from the west, crossing the border between
Somalia and what?
To get to Kenya, we followed the coast from a capital city 2800km (2740mi)
from the south passing the borders of two other countries, eventually arriving
in Nairobi.
Capital City
To get to Maputo, we flew 1620km (1000mi) from the south west from a
capital city, the southern-most in Africa.
Capital City
Cape Town
To get to Cape Town, we took a 6000km (3730mi) long cruise from a major
South American city on the Eastern coast.
Rio de Janeiro
To get to Rio, we drove along the coast from the south for over 2500km (1550mi)
passing entirely through one country, after leaving our home in which capital city?
Capital we came from
Buenos Aires
Level 42
Mar 28, 2018
Level 65
Apr 14, 2019
Ehm at question 2 dont you take the ferry TO the east, or the from the WEST ? or is my brain not working. Where you are coming from lies to the west of where you are going to. I was stuck at this one for ages (then a little while at the first one that wasnt a capital haha, ow it doesnt need to be capitals.... then after the merry island i ran out of time..)
Level 68
Apr 14, 2019
I'll add a little more time. Question 2 is written from the perspective of the origin. Since the ferry port is EAST of the capital, then it works. It was weird phrasing I admit, but it was written that way throughout.
Level 65
Apr 14, 2019
I guess it is just me then :) cause that was the only one that felt the wrong way around for me.
Level 67
May 26, 2022
It's not just you. I was very confused by that.
Level 83
May 26, 2022
Great concept. Perhaps too much time allowed?
Level 66
May 26, 2022
Great idea, but I got stuck at Hong Kong because the clue says "in the south". That means southern hemisphere. Once I saw the answer I realised that you meant to say "to the south", meaning south of Beijing.
Level 68
May 26, 2022
I updated the wording, thank you
Level 81
May 26, 2022
Where are you from, that "in the South" instantly means Southern hemisphere? I'm genuinely asking, since that seems like a strange leap to me. I would happily talk about Alabama being "in the South" to an American, or Ho Chi Minh City being "in the South" in the context of Vietnam, or even my travels "in the South" to Leeds, Liverpool, London, and Leicester if I were describing a trip I took to my family in Aberdeen and I wouldn't expect anybody to tell me I was implying those places were in the Southern hemisphere.
Level 77
May 27, 2022
Well, that got the brain working !
Level 59
May 27, 2022
Nice job! I got stuck on #3, so I came back after guessing some countries for #4. I eventually got them all, though. Nice job!
Level 65
Dec 2, 2022
Another please...
Level 80
Dec 2, 2022
Minor nitpick: Nairobi's not on the coast :)