Suggested Quizzes

Countries of the World Quiz0-5.0035,329,363
English Speaking Countries0-4.73318,854
Spanish-Speaking Countries0-4.90301,076
Regions of Countries #10-4.96139,805
Countries and Languages Quiz0-4.86219,168
Airlines by Country0-4.52113,888
Islands by Country #10-4.86152,013
Foods by Country of Origin #10-4.38287,695
Musical Acts by Country #10-4.4459,509
Mountains by Country0-4.7971,121
Countries by Official Language0-4.93144,410
French-Speaking Countries Quiz0-4.78197,214
Last Names by Country of Origin0-4.47121,455
Countries that Start with A0-4.961,700,172
Countries that Start with B0-4.921,838,205
Countries that Start with C0-4.951,456,500
Countries that Start with D0-4.95499,042
Countries that Start with E0-4.911,066,659
Countries that Start with G0-4.951,167,170
Countries that Start with H0-4.92409,299
Countries that Start with I0-4.901,006,392
Countries that Start with J0-4.96412,327
Countries that Start with K0-4.94595,512
Countries that Start with L0-4.98840,022
Countries that Start with N0-4.88861,716
Countries that Start with P0-4.93952,322
Countries that Start with R0-4.37314,754
Countries that Start with S0-4.961,399,290
Countries that Start with T0-4.87783,719
Countries that Start with U0-4.97705,864
Countries that Start with V0-4.97470,743
Countries that Start with F0-4.72443,494
Countries that Start with M0-4.951,093,571
Countries that Produce the Most Wine 0-4.87167,289
Countries by Alcohol Consumption0-4.35180,865
Countries with Four Letters0-4.99349,140
Landforms by Country Quiz0-4.5249,315
Countries in their Native Language0-4.97152,066
Political Movements by Country0-4.4763,071
Regions of Countries #20-4.94105,552
Regions of Countries #30-4.8677,712
Countries that Produce the Most Cheese0-4.6443,429
German-Speaking Countries0-4.92108,548
Word Scramble - Countries0-4.731,719,026
Inventions by Country #10-4.4442,496
Word Scramble - National Capitals0-4.16376,178
Random Capital to Country0-4.992,123,466
Word Scramble - U.S. States0-4.94398,863
Random Country to Capital0-4.97712,069
Islands by Country #20-4.6664,327
UNESCO World Heritage Sites to Country0-4.9887,141
One-Syllable Countries Quiz0-4.37103,349
Countries of the World - One Minute Sprint0-4.24773,756
Countries with the Most McDonald's Locations0-4.7872,143
Five Biggest Immigrant Groups by Country #10-4.96125,883
Countries With the Most English Speakers0-4.8780,691
Five Biggest Immigrant Groups by Country #20-4.8754,283
Top Five Countries By Category #10-4.99350,997
Top Five Countries By Category #20-4.91140,788
Top Five Countries By Category #30-4.86127,982
Countries that Produce the Most Beer0-4.77104,830
Solve the Secret Country0-4.96108,581
Solve the Secret Country #20-4.8970,768
Countries by First Two Letters in 90 Seconds0-4.944,455,710
Country Chain0-4.92160,418
Countries by Initial Letter and Continent #20-4.7665,434
Countries of Europe - One Minute Sprint0-4.811,023,222
Countries by Borders in 90 Seconds with an Empty Map0-4.94222,444
Anagram Chain - Countries0-4.9886,266
World Countries by 10 Category Elimination #10-4.9790,945
World Countries by 10 Category Elimination #20-4.4755,600
One Country By Letter By Continent0-4.9942,840
Top 15 Countries with the Most Starbucks0-4.5463,109
Countries With One Word And Two O's0-4.8425,665
Countries With One Word and Two U's0-4.4221,685
Top 10 Hottest Asian Countries0-4.7728,184
Countries with the Most Arabic Speakers0-4.9363,437
Top 10 Countries with the Most Spanish Speakers0-4.9789,559
Biggest Countries with No McDonald's0-4.8155,265
Top 10 Languages Spoken in Europe0-4.96164,630
Five Biggest Immigrant Groups by Country #30-4.7236,064
Countries by Milk Production0-4.5118,743
Countries that Beat the United States0-4.86106,621
Top 10 Countries in Beer Production per Capita0-4.6752,700
Top 10 European Countries by English Proficiency0-4.7354,509
Flags of the Countries that Start with A0-4.9493,358
Flags of the Countries that Start with C0-4.94102,845
American Countries with the Shortest Names0-4.9783,709
Asian Countries with the Shortest Names0-4.98110,233
Flags of the Countries that Start with I0-4.95120,443
Countries with Four Letters - Shape Quiz0-4.9670,934
Countries that Start with C - Shape Quiz0-4.7364,189
Countries that Start with I - Shape Quiz0-4.9088,234
15 Most Populous Countries that Speak a Romance Language0-4.4798,969
Strongest Nation Brands0-4.4530,058
Word Scramble - European Capitals0-4.5269,905
Countries that Start with N - Shape Quiz0-4.9364,277
Countries that Start with P - Shape Quiz0-4.8263,787
Countries by Emojis0-4.99163,532
Countries in Random Squares of the World Map0-4.99256,405
Countries That Produce the Most Spices0-4.4236,270
Small Countries with Large Economies0-4.7455,581
Random Flag to Country0-4.99405,943
Random European Flag to Country0-4.82128,108
Random Country Shape to Country0-4.7157,584
Random African Flag to Country0-4.9352,083
Random Asian Flag to Country0-4.7681,207
Random Geography General Knowledge Quiz0-4.4297,451
Random European City to Country0-4.8483,315
Random U.S. City to State0-4.4458,758
Name a Valid Country #10-4.99179,595
Random European Capital to Country0-4.97132,296
Random European Country to Capital0-4.91106,449
Random State Capital to U.S. State0-4.7859,905
Random Countries by Borders0-4.9959,930
Countries With the Most Russian Speakers0-4.9546,883
Countries With the Most German Speakers0-4.8443,296
Countries With the Most Italian Speakers0-4.4845,460
Random Asian Capital to Country0-4.9765,178
Random Asian Country to Capital0-4.9266,241
Countries that Beat China0-4.6675,414
Countries that Beat Russia0-4.4646,349
Countries that Beat Australia0-4.8163,292
Random General Knowledge - Countries0-4.2151,410
Random General Knowledge - U.S. States0-4.4135,649
Countries that Produce the Most Cheese per Capita0-4.4230,505
Countries but all Vowels are Changed to O0-4.546,152
Name a Valid Country #60-4.9471,769
Name a Valid Country #20-4.97156,913
Random Countries with Letters Missing0-4.4462,101
Name a Valid Country #30-4.98168,028
Random Countries on the World Map0-5.001,134,195
Category Elimination - Countries #10-4.99248,705
Name a Valid Country #50-4.98125,645
Category Elimination - Countries #20-4.98180,940
Random Sequential U.S. States on a Map0-5.00183,609
Name a Valid European Country #10-4.98164,532
Category Elimination - Countries #30-4.98173,509
Category Elimination - Countries #40-4.99147,735
Random Sequential European Countries on a Map0-5.00181,143
Random U.S. States on a Map0-4.93338,861
Random European Countries on a Map0-4.98220,157
European Map without 10 Random Countries0-4.97220,298
Random Asian Countries on a Map0-4.95129,653
Random African Countries on a Map0-4.99206,592
Random American Countries on a Map0-4.9674,658
20 Random Countries on an Empty World Map0-4.9876,535
Name a Valid Country #40-4.95154,698
Random World Capitals on a Map0-4.9097,947
World Map Without 20 Random Countries0-4.975,800,565
Random African Capitals on a Map0-4.9241,957
Random Asian Capitals on a Map0-4.7339,454
Random European Capitals on a Map0-4.9692,665
Name a Valid Country Bordering Each Sea0-4.8667,998
Random U.S. State Capitals on a Map0-4.8770,976
Countries in Squares of the World Map0-5.00126,729
Countries in Squares of an Empty World Map0-4.9995,465
Random Name a Valid Country0-4.99112,136
Empty World Map without 20 Random Countries0-4.9075,144
Random Cities Near Paris on a Map0-4.4630,211
Random African Country to Capital0-4.9243,826
World Map with 10 Random Extra Borders0-4.97272,861
Random Cities Near Chicago on a Map0-4.4627,904
Random Sequential African Countries on a Map0-5.00102,078
Random Sequential Asian Countries on a Map0-4.9994,765
Random Sequential Countries on the World Map0-5.00394,908
Name a Valid Asian Country0-4.9782,896
Name a Valid African Country0-4.9996,892
Category Elimination - Countries #50-4.67111,393
Capitals in Random Squares of the World Map0-4.9059,136
Random African Capital to Country0-4.9667,941
Top 15 Countries in Wine Production per Capita0-4.5352,452
Can You Name These 50 Random Countries?0-4.98155,782
Random Cities by Clue0-4.5229,608
Random Sequential Countries on the World Map - Hard Version0-5.0051,598
Random Sequential Oceanic Countries on a Map0-4.9417,878
20 Random Countries Sequentially on a World Map0-4.7692,972
World Map with Random Merged Countries0-4.991,245,237
Top Five Countries by Random Categories0-4.9590,727
Countries that Beat the United Kingdom0-4.5452,789
Random Geographic Groups of Five0-4.9687,986
Countries in Random Rings of the World Map0-4.9963,925
Random Countries Hidden in the World Map0-4.8774,614
Top Five Countries By Fruit Production0-4.9432,742
U.S. Map with Random Merged States0-4.93235,595
Random Countries on the Borderless World Map0-4.99137,824
Europe Map with Random Merged Countries0-4.96213,750
Name a Valid Country #70-4.8971,890
Name a Valid Country A-Z0-4.9665,384
Name a Valid Country #80-4.8539,708
Category Elimination - European Countries #10-4.8465,514
Name a Valid Island Country0-4.9581,096
Name a Valid Country Flag0-4.4836,083
Name a Valid European Country #20-4.9573,536
Category Elimination - Country Flags #10-4.96106,051
Countries that Beat Canada0-4.9270,248
Name a Country A-Z0-5.00134,514
Countries that Beat Indonesia0-4.5430,774
Countries that Beat Spain0-4.8944,488
Countries that Beat Germany0-4.8661,544