KPOP parole 3 et 4ème gen.

Bonsoir me cocoliquot, le but est très simple. Il vous suffit juste de mettre le nom de la musique ou le nom du groupe/solo l'ayant chanté.
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Tell me what you want, tell me what you need
Talk that talk /Twice
Follow me come and get illusion
Illusion /aespa
Hey, why so serious ?
Cheshire /Itzy
Uh, I'ma fall in love, baby
You gon' finna catch me
As if it's your last /Blackpink
ABCEFG i wanna send my code to you. Eight letters is all it takes.
Case 143 /Stray kids
Walk the line, I hate that line.
Pass the mic /Enhypen
Narcissistic, my god, I love it.
Love dive /Ive
I need to love myself, all I need is your heart
Oh me, oh my, ayy, oh (get on my back)
Dingga /Mamamoo
Money money money ah
Blood sweat and tears /BTS
Feel like Cinderella 내가 변해 (hey)
Cat and dog /TXT
Welcome to the strange world, wow (wow)
호기심은 커져가 (four, three, two, one)
Do you understand? (헷갈려)
Gingamingayo /Billlie
You know that I come first
I'm the winner, winner, winner
First /Everglow
Asap /Stayc
Save my home in the jungle
Save my home in the polar
Maison /Dreamcatcher
우리는 drop it like hot, hot, hot (oh, 지금 feelin' so hot)
이 노래 burnin' like hot, hot, hot, hot (boom-brr-boom-boom)
Hot /Seventeen
Why you think about nxde ?
Nxde /Gidle
Just shoot me, shoot me
Shoot me /Day6
Boy, you got me goin' down the rabbit hole
Got me foamin' at the mouth like a rabid dog
Wonderland /Alexa
We can touch utopia
We can reach there, utopia
Utopia /Ateez
Undercover 해 네 맘에
Yes 넌 흠칫흠칫 okay
Don't say no, oh my, my
Under cover /Ace
Everyday everyday 전부 널 위해 (hey)
All day all day 난 널 생각해 (hey)
Everyday everyday 전부 널 위해
A song written easily /Oneus
Eh welcome to my world let's do this
이슈제조기라 불러 I'm so ill
Hard carry /Got7
Girl, I'm your candy (Candy, candy)
기가 막힌 chemistry (Candy, candy)
Candy /Baekhyun
Excuse me, im walkin' like zombie uh
Shoot out /Monsta x
I don't even care 여긴 우릴 태울 stage
Left to the right
We gon' make it, make it bang
Jopping /SuperM
I hate you, I don't need you, I'll forget you
너 따위 없어도 돼 I'm good
I hate you, I don't need you, I'll forget you
I hate you /Woodz
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