UK General Knowledge Multiple Choice #2

Can you answer these multiple choice questions with a British focus?
Adapted by the Quizmaster from this unabridged series
Quiz by toowise
Last updated: September 10, 2022
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1. What happens when you reach 100 years of age in the United Kingdom?
£100 gift from the government
Exemption from taxes
Message from the King
Street party
2. Where do the Tigers Rugby Union team come from?
3. Queen Elizabeth II was known to have what breed of dog as pets?
Jack Russell Terrier
4. What is the national animal of Scotland?
5. Who do Liverpool F.C. play against in the Merseyside Derby?
Aston Villa
Manchester United
6. What fictional character lives at 221B Baker Street?
James Bond
Sherlock Holmes
Miss Marple
Harry Potter
7. Who is the patron Saint of Wales?
St. Andrew
St. David
St. George
St. Patrick
8. Who was Henry VIII's sixth and final wife?
Catherine of Aragon
Catherine Howard
Catherine Parr
9. What flower is traditionally worn on Remembrance Day?
Red Poppy
White Rose
Yellow Daffodil
10. What is "The Granite City"?
11. Who was Robin Hood's second in command?
Friar Tuck
Little John
Will Scarlet
12. What is the usual earliest age you can drive a car in the U.K.?
13. Which racecourse hosts the Grand National horse race?
Epsom Downs
14. Why did people run away to Gretna Green?
To get divorced
To escape the law
To get married
To join the army when underage
15. The "Ceremony of the Keys" is performed each evening at which famous London landmark?
10 Downing Street
Buckingham Palace
Houses of Parliament
Tower of London
Level 78
Jan 17, 2021
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Level 66
Jan 22, 2021
I know there are websites etc that describe the unicorn as Scotland's national 'animal', but there is no such animal as a unicorn, it's simply a heraldic device, like a griffin, a dragon and a two-headed eagle. This isn't what stopped me getting 100%, however, as I STILL haven't learned the order of Henry VIII's wives.
Level 78
Jan 22, 2021
But how do you know that Unicorns don't exist or did exist but are now extinct ? Is the Yeti, or Bigfoot real ? I'm sure there were stories about a "great animal with a long snout and horns coming out of its mouth" before elephants were officially discovered.

Oh, and I still get Henry VIII's wives mixed up, he had that many !

Thanks for taking my quiz and the time to comment.

Level 64
Sep 20, 2021
Divorced, beheaded, died. Divorced, beheaded, survived. When in doubt, type Katherine...

Nice quiz, thanks!

Level 78
Sep 21, 2021
I could have used that simple rhyme when I did my history exams over 40 years ago, better late than never I suppose.

Thanks for taking the quiz and the compliments!

Level 77
Mar 7, 2021
You think the fictional animal is based on the heraldic device, and not the other way round?
Level 78
Mar 8, 2021
Tales of unicorn type creatures are found many centuries prior to heraldic design.
Level 60
Mar 26, 2021
It is NOT Scotland's national animal. End of.
Level 78
Mar 27, 2021
I think Scotland itself would disagree with you...

Look Here

Level 54
Mar 7, 2021
Question 2 it's not called leicester tigers rugby union club it's leicester tigers rugby club :) please edit.
Level 78
Mar 8, 2021
Their official name is actually Leicester Football Club. I didnt say it was Leicester Tigers Rugby Union Club in the question. I stated "Where do the Tigers Rugby Union team come from". This distinguishes the team from a Rugby League club. The question is I think OK, so it will remain as is. Thanks for your comment though.
Level 63
Mar 7, 2021
I’m just amazed I got all the sports questions correct despite having no idea of the answers (other than the Liverpool one, which I got by geography!)!
Level 78
Mar 8, 2021
Well done, and thanks for taking the quiz.
Level 56
Mar 7, 2021
Oh wow, it must be really cool to get a message from the queen at 100 years old. That's something I never knew. I wish we had those here in America.
Level 78
Mar 8, 2021
They have to be applied for I believe rather than just being sent out. I think the relatives of the person approaching 100 usually do this. If you had a monarchy in the US maybe they would do this. I'm not sure if other monarchies around the world do the same thing.
Level 70
May 23, 2024
I believe it is done in the Netherlands too, a letter from the king aswell as a visit from the mayor. (not everywhere I think).

Also when a couple is married for 50 years I think they often get a visit and an article in the local newspaper. And apparently (I just looked it up) at 70 years of marriage you get a visit of the "chamberlain" of the king. I Never knew we had those!! (Kamerling) Apparently we have 12 one for every province (3 until recently, one seperate one for the capital too)

Level 78
May 24, 2024
I didn't know it was a thing in NL too, but it does make sense. I suppose most of the Royal Families do this. I know that some also make a speech at Christmas the same as the UK, well, the Belgian Royal Family do at least, I watched it once when I was stuck in Ostend over Christmas.
Level 81
Mar 21, 2021
We get those in Canada too - maybe other commonwealth countries?
Level 78
Mar 23, 2021
Quite possibly, it is the same monarch after all.
Level 80
Jan 21, 2024
Yup, this is a thing in Australia too.
Level 44
Mar 9, 2021
2 out of 15! Amazing how little i know about the uk.
Level 78
Mar 9, 2021
Hopefully now you know a bit more. Thanks for taking the quiz.
Level 58
Mar 10, 2021
You can get in and drive a car at 16.
Level 78
Mar 10, 2021
The "Usual" age is 17, you are right though, under certain circumstances you can drive at 16 legally in the UK. This is reserved for drivers with a disability.
Level 74
Mar 17, 2021
Indeed - I hesitated over this answer as technically it is 16, though I guess not for all people, as toowise wisely points out. So it depends what is meant by "you" in the question - if I was in receipt of disability allowance, 16 would be the right answer, so perhaps the question should say something like "usually" or "the majority of people" ... but is a bit nit-picky
Level 78
Mar 19, 2021
I'll have a think about this question. There does seem to be a little ambiguity about the possible answers.
Level 80
Oct 8, 2021
Nice quiz mr wise.
Level 78
Oct 9, 2021
Thank you, and thats the first time I've been called Mr.Wise
Level 62
May 1, 2024
Great Quiz and really interesting. Keep on going.
Level 78
May 2, 2024
Thank you!