Better Call Saul Quiz

These Questions Are Scattered From Season To Season, So It's Extra Hard!
Quiz by TheRavenMocker
Last updated: June 29, 2023
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Some Are Full Names
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What Material Is Howard Hamlin's Ties Made Of?
What Is Saul Goodman's Real Name?
Jimmy McGill
What Was Saul's Nickname When He Was A Kid?
Slipping Jimmy
On Saul's New Suitcase, It Has The Letters JMM On It. What Does He Say It Stands For?
Justice Matters Most
Who Is Saul's Wife?
Kim Wexler
Where Did ^ And Saul Get Married?
The Courthouse
When Saul Met Two Skateboard Scammers In Season 1, They Went To Tuco's House And Called His Abuelita A ________?
What Did Tuco Do To Them?
Broke Their Legs
Who Usually Did Business With Tuco Before He Got Arrested?
Ignacio Varga
What Was ^'s Nickname?
Who Worked As A Parking Attendant At The Public Defenders Office?
What Was Saul's First Class Action Case?
Who Was Saul's Brother?
What Is The Name Of His Law firm He Built?
Who Also Helped Build ^?
Howard Hamlin
What Did Saul's Brother Refer To Him As Slipping Jimmy With A Law Degree?
A Chimp With A Machinegun
What Is The Fancy Word For Saul's Brother's Condition?
Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity
#8 Switched Hector Salamanca's Heart Medications For _____ Pills?
Who Owns Los Pollos Hermanos?
Gustavo Fring
Where Did ^ Want His Secret Meth Lab To Be Under?
A Laundromat
Who Was The Leader Of The Construction Team Building The Secret Meth Lab?
Werner Zeigler
What Was ^'s Wife's Name?
What Are The Numbers On "The Chicken Man's" House?
Who Was The Salamanca Who Came To Saul Looking For Legal Help?
After #14 Offered Saul A Job At HHM, What Did He Throw On His Car That Night?
Bowling Balls
Who Killed #14?
Lalo Salamanca
What Was The Name Of The Bank Kim Was In Charge Of Representing?
Mesa Verde
What Was Saul's New Name In Omaha?
Gene Takovic
Where Was ^ Working?
A Cinnabon
How Much Money Was Saul Supposed To Pick Up For #23?
7 Million Dollars
What Did #8 Call #23?
A Soulless Pig
Who Was Saul's Receptionist?
Saul Has A Ring With A Purple Stone In It That He Wears On What Finger?
What Was #23's "Name" In Court?
Jorge De Guzman
#23 Said That The JMM On Saul's Briefcase Should Stand For What?
Just Make Money
What Was The Suburb Of Chicago Where Saul Lived?
Who Got Killed In The Pool In Breaking Bad?
Don Eladio
How Old Was The Kid #23 Killed?
Who Was The Mastermind Who Created Breaking Bad And Better Call Saul?
Vince Gilligan
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