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Secret society which established its first Grand Lodge in PennsylvaniaFreemasons
Danish navigator in the employ of the Imperial Russian Navy, explored the strait between Alaska and Kamchatka which carries his nameVitus Bering
Polymath publisher of the Pennsylvania Gazette, author of Poor Richard’s Almanack, scientist, inventor, diplomat and philosopherBenjamin Franklin
Caribbean island, site of the First Maroon War between British colonial authorities and a community of escaped slaves and localsJamaica
Swedish botanist who created the binomial nomenclature classification system still in use to this dayCarl Linnaeus
Crown Prince of Prussia, threatened with execution by his own father for attempting to flee to Great Britain with his male loverFrederick the Great
English cleric and founder of the Methodist movement, commenced his ministry at Savannah in the colony of GeorgiaJohn Wesley
Swiss genius, greatest mathematician of the 18th century, became a professor of physics at St Petersburg Academy at the age of 24Leonhard Euler
Persian dynasty, overthrown by their own General Nader Khan after 230 years of ruleSafavid Empire
English merchant Captain, whose severed ear started a war over Spanish American possessionsRobert Jenkins
Surgical procedure first carried out successfully by English surgeon William CookesleyAppendectomy
Modern-day country, site of the French Geodesic Expedition to measure the radius of the EarthEcuador
Empress of Russia, niece of Peter the GreatEmpress Anna
Navigational instrument invented independently by John Hadley and Thomas Godfrey, an early precursor to the sextantOctant

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