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Swedish scientist who devised the Centigrade temperature scale, later re-named for himAnders Celsius
The competition rules for this game were first written down in Leith, ScotlandGolf
Powerful Habsburg Empress whose accession as a result of the Pragmatic Sanction of 1713 led to the War of the Austrian SuccessionEmpress Maria Theresa
Hanoverian composer of the oratorio “Messiah”George Frederick Handel
AKA Charles Edward Stuart, the Young Pretender, defeated by the British at the battle of CullodenBonnie Prince Charlie
Series of wars fought between Prussia and Austria for control of a large region of what is modern-day South West PolandSilesian Wars
Patriotic song composed by Thomas Arne with lyrics by James Thomson, celebrated the victories of the Royal NavyRule Britannia!
Empress of Russia throughout most of the decade, refused to execute a single person during her reignEmpress Elizabeth
1745 saw the last of these three rebellions, intended to restore the Catholic Stuart line to the British throneJacobite
Town founded in North Carolina, named for an English Earl, the second Prime Minister of Great BritainWilmington
British Admiral, captured Portobello accompanied by Virginian officer Lawrence Washington, who later named the family estate in his honourEdward Vernon
Item of clothing banned by the Dress Act in 1746Kilt
Slaughter of over 10,000 Chinese by Dutch East India Company forces at the site of modern-day JakartaBatavia Massacre
Highly successful Persian General, founder of the Afsharid dynasty and sometimes known as the “Napoleon / Alexander of the East”Nader Shah
Series of wars fought on Mughal Empire territory between Britain and France for control of Southern India and the Deccan PlateauCarnatic Wars
Royal Navy Commodore who led a squadron on a circumnavigation, capturing the treasure-laden Manila Galleon en routeGeorge Anson

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