Statistics for Ancient History by Letter ‘V’

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Volcano, destroyed the Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum in 79 ADVesuvius
Germanic tribe, sacked Rome under King Alaric in 410 AD before settling in Southern Gaul and HispaniaVisigoths
Iron-Age Kingdom also known as Urartu, centred around a lake of the same name in modern-day ArmeniaVan
Statue of Aphrodite made in the 2nd Century BC, rediscovered on the Greek island of Milos in 1820Venus de Milo
Germanic tribe who migrated through Gaul and Hispania before settling in North Africa. Sacked Rome in 455 AD under King GaisericVandals
Roman poet who composed the Aeneid - a founding mythology linking Rome to Mycenaean GreeceVirgil
Priestesses of the Roman Goddess of the hearth, their duties included maintaining the Sacred Flame of the templeVestal Virgins
The highest ranking official / adviser to the Pharaohs of ancient EgyptVizier
City on the Ganges, one of the oldest in India, an important religious and cultural locationVaranasi
Tribal confederation, occupied the Adriatic coast of North East Italy throughout the first milleniumVeneti
9th Roman Emperor, a successful general who founded the Flavian dynastyVespasian
Gallic King who led a united Celtic revolt against Roman rule. Defeated by Julius Caesar at the Battle of Alesia in 52 BCVercingetorix
Roman general, lost three legions in 9 AD after being ambushed by the Germanic Chieftain Arminius in the Battle of the Teutoburg ForestVarus
Emperor of Eastern Rome, brother of Valentinian, killed by invading Goths under Fritigern in 378 AD at the battle of AdrianopleValens
Roman town near modern-day St Albans, sacked and burnt by the Iceni Queen BoudicaVerulamium
Roman fortress located just South of Hadrian’s Wall, now a museumVindolanda

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