All Hamilton Songs

Can you name all the songs from the musical "Hamilton"?
Quiz by miep
Last updated: August 18, 2020
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First submittedMarch 21, 2016
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Song Title
Alexander Hamilton
Aaron Burr, Sir
My Shot
The Story of Tonight
The Schuyler Sisters
Farmer Refuted
You'll Be Back
Right Hand Man
A Winter's Ball
The Story of Tonight (reprise)
Wait for It
Stay Alive
Ten Duel Commandments
Meet Me Inside
That Would Be Enough
Guns and Ships
History Has Its Eyes on You
Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)
What Comes Next
Dear Theodosia
Song Title
What'd I Miss
Cabinet Battle #1
Take a Break
Say No to This
The Room Where It Happens
Schuyler Defeated
Cabinet Battle #2
Washington on Your Side
One Last Time
I Know Him
The Adams Administration
We Know
The Reynolds Pamphlet
Blow Us All Away
Stay Alive (reprise)
It's Quiet Uptown
The Election of 1800
Your Obedient Servant
Best of Wives and Best of Women
The World Was Wide Enough
Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells Your Story
Level 42
Apr 24, 2016
Could you maybe add a little more time?
Level 53
Oct 30, 2018
Why don't you write like you're running out of time?!
Level 47
Apr 15, 2022
i like this reply
Level 45
Jan 5, 2023
write day and night like your running out of time?
Level 21
Jun 20, 2017
i know all the words to all the songs, but i cant name them :/
Level 25
Feb 11, 2019
This was an excellent quiz! Thank you

I finished with 10:16...not too bad!

Level 33
Sep 15, 2021
I finished with 12:50 :P
Level 24
Jan 16, 2020
I got 38 and I'm proud... what's everyone's favorite song?
Level 55
May 7, 2020
i couldn't pick one, so a short list is in order:

- satisfied

- say no to this

- we know

- hurricane

- it's quiet uptown

what's yours?

Level 92
Aug 19, 2020
Top of the list has to be You'll Be Back / What Comes Next / I Know Him. Then probably Farmer Refuted, Yorktown, Aaron Burr, Sir, and the Room Where it Happened.
Level 71
Dec 20, 2022
Probably History Has Its Eyes on You and Wait For It.
Level 78
Aug 19, 2020
Has to be Satisfied. Renee Elise Goldsberry just kills that. And according to Lin (and other cast members) she is the only original cast member who never screwed up. EVER. And she learned the song for the audition in one night. Ridiculous.
Level 42
Aug 25, 2020
Agreed, the lyrical dexterity required to rap and sing this song is just unreal. And incredibly written too.

Non-stop is up there for me, too.

Level 67
Aug 27, 2020
I love the troika of Helpless, Satisfied, and Wait for It. They touch on such similar emotions from three totally different angles and musical styles. And they're the best insight into those three characters.
Level 58
Aug 25, 2020
It's Guns and Ships for me and it's not that close.

I guess second would be Yorktown and all of the Jonathan Goff songs.

Level 23
Aug 25, 2020
Nice score, my favorite song is Farmer Refuted. The way he absolutely destroys that moron on stage is incredible.
Level 79
Aug 25, 2020
Right Hand Man, My Shot, You'll Be Back, Yorktown, The Reynolds Pamphlet, and History Has Its Eyes On You from the recording. The Reynolds Pamphlet was really good in the show.
Level 23
May 7, 2022
satisfied, the room where it happens, right hand man, non-stop, yorktown, my shot. in a different scale, helpless, hurricane, alexander hamilton, burn, who lives who dies. cannot stretch it more
Level 69
Apr 10, 2023
I have so many! If I had to pick one though, it would be Yorktown.
Level 18
Jun 22, 2023
Mine would probably be "What'd I Miss" or "Helpless" because Philippa is too cute for this world haha
Level 36
Jun 4, 2020
Finished with 16:37 left whoops

But my top 3 favs are:

1 It's Quiet Uptown

2. Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

3. Wait For It

4. Burn

5. Right Hand Man

Level 16
Mar 14, 2024
My top favorites are:

1. Dear Theodosia (This song is so beautiful)

2. My Shot

3. Aaron Burr, Sir

4. You'll Be Back

The other Johnathon Groff songs are also pretty nice but this one is my fav.

Level 19
Jul 6, 2020
I got 46/46 with 13:15 left
Level 86
Aug 19, 2020
No apostrophe needed in History Has "It's" Eyes on You
Level ∞
Aug 20, 2020
Level 69
Aug 23, 2020
Bonus Answer: Laurens Interlude, which is not on the cast album but is in both the live musical and the new movie!
Level 76
Aug 25, 2020
not a song though, it’s the only unaccompanied part
Level 82
Aug 25, 2020
I got Alexander Hamilton
Level 69
Apr 10, 2023
great job
Level 76
Aug 25, 2020
this happens on a lot of quizzes, but i’d be very interested to understand the disparity between those who got stay alive but not stay alive reprise, given you can just type stay alive for both (same for story of tonight). anyone got any insight?
Level 21
Aug 25, 2020
Before the quiz got featured, you had to type all the words included in the title of the songs. So I guess people just typed 'stay alive' and forgot to add 'reprise' to get the second one
Level 43
Aug 25, 2020
How did more people get stay alive than the reprise? If you type in stay alive you get both of them.
Level 21
Aug 27, 2020
Before the quiz got featured, you had to type all the words included in the title of the songs. So I guess people just typed 'stay alive' and forgot to add 'reprise' to get the second one
Level 23
Aug 25, 2020
Wow! I can't believe I missed Schuyler Defeated. Was so close at 46 correct. I wish that Lin (Manuel Miranda) would make a musical out of my favorite film; The Mummy (2017).
Level 14
Sep 17, 2020
46/46 in 1:43!
Level 16
Apr 21, 2021
WHAT?! How?! That's incredible:)
Level 37
Feb 25, 2021
Love this quiz! 46/46 for me.

Looove Burn and Wait For It, Satisfied, and the rest of the soundtrack!

Level 71
Feb 26, 2021
Good quiz! Maybe add "The Battle of Yorktown" and "The World Turned Upside Down" as type-ins for "Yorktown"
Level 38
Mar 2, 2021
favorites from top (best) to bottom (ehh..)

-Guns and Ships

-Right hand man

-Alexander Hamilton

-i know him

Level 56
Apr 17, 2021
Watched the film yesterday, the best musical I have ever watched. I expected it to be like a play with songs inbetween. But it being all a song made it a lot better. I never had interest in American History, and funnily, before watching the movie, I didn't even knew who Hamilton, or any of the early American Presidents other than Washington were.

Story representation was brilliant, and during the entire length, I never got bored. I wasn't sure if it is worth a watch, neither do I know the history of US, nor do I prefer a movie over 2 and a half hour. But it was definitely worth a watch.

Level 38
Apr 23, 2021
even though there are some innacuracies:

-angelica liking Hamilton, she was already married when they first met

-Aaron Burr was not Charles Lee's second in his duel with John Laurens

-Mulligan, Lafayette, Laurens, and Hamilton didnt all meet in the same place at the same time

Level 46
Mar 3, 2022
I believe it was more Hamilton liking Angelica... but there have always been rumors that they had an affair. Nothing was ever confirmed though. She was already married but it is known that she wasn't very happy in the marriage.

The other two are right but a fun fact I think they should have included was the almost proven rumors/theories that Laurens and Hamilton had sex pretty often. I mean since they included the stuff with Angelica why not Laurens...

To conclude: Hamilton was a whore :)

Level 45
Dec 2, 2021
done with 15:25
Level 55
Feb 3, 2022
done in 6:28
Level 45
Jan 5, 2023