Longest time to regain independence

Which countries had the longest gap between two periods of independence?
Currently independent countries as recognized by Jetpunk
Quiz by amgine
Last updated: March 16, 2023
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First submittedJune 18, 2020
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1. Lost in 587 BC, regained in 1948 (West Asia)
Israel (2535 years)
2. Lost in 380 BC, regained in 1922 (Africa)
Egypt (2302 years)
3. Lost in 27 BC, regained in 1830 (Europe)
Greece (1887 years)
4. Lost in 1102, regained in 1991 (Europe)
Croatia (889 years)
5. Lost in 1207, regained in 1991 (Central Asia)
Kyrgyzstan (784 years)
6. Lost in 1262, regained in 1944 (Europe)
Iceland (682 years)
7. Lost in 1368, regained in 1924 (East Asia)
Mongolia (556 years)
8. Lost in 1375, regained in 1918 (West Asia)
Armenia (543 years)
9. Lost in 1386, regained in 1918 (Europe)
Lithuania (532 years)
10. Lost in 1463, regained in 1992 (Europe)
Bosnia-Herzegovina (529 years)
11. Lost in 1392, regained in 1913 (Europe)
Albania (521 years)
12. Lost in 1396, regained in 1909 (Europe)
Bulgaria (513 years)
13. Lost in 1463, regained in 1922 (West Asia)
Georgia (455 years)
14. Lost in 1062, regained in 1501 (West Asia)
Iran (439 years)
15. Lost in 1397, regained in 1814 (Europe)
Norway (417 years)
Level 65
Jun 19, 2020
Being an amateur historian, I mostly used Wikipedia info-boxes for dates, though there is some subjectivity to adjudging the continuity of state lineages. I took into consideration name, territory, language and identity. For the phenomenon of "personal unions" and "commonwealths" it is assumed that in practice this meant one entity dominating and continuing their legacy, while the other's was made redundant. Dates of "independence" were calculated at point of first recognition by a significant power, excluding war-time events. I considered Kingdom of Judah to be ancestral to the State of Israel.
Level 70
Mar 14, 2023
Great quiz! I initially thought that Armenia and Georgia wouldn't have gained their independence until 1991, but it looks like both of them became independent briefly in 1918 (Georgia's independence lasted until 1921, while Armenia's ended in 1920, before they were absorbed into the Soviet Union). That being said, Georgia is listed here as gaining their independence in 1922, but it should be 1918 instead (by 1922 they were part of the Soviet Union).
Level 73
Mar 14, 2023
Nice idea for a quiz, even though it's tricky to ascertain continuity sometimes. I'm Egyptian but I was surprised at it coming at number 2. I never thought of how long an ethnic Egyptian state ceased to exit. I think the whole Fatimid/Ayyubid/Mamluk period could be considered an independent Egypt, just not ethnically ruled by Egyptians. Did you only count ethnic independence?
Level 77
Mar 14, 2023
Ireland??? 1196 to 1922? Why was Ireland left out?
Level 69
Mar 14, 2023
Technically the United Kingdom is short for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, which is the updated version of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and before the Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland united there was technically a personal union between the kingdom of Great Britain and the kingdom of Ireland the same there was a personal union between the kingdom of Great Britain and the kingdom of Hanover. Although by that logic, Croatia should not be on this list because there was a personal union between Croatia and Hungary since 1102 was simply the title "King of Croatia" moving to Hungary's Arpad dynasty.
Level 73
Mar 14, 2023
Great quiz. Nominated.
Level 48
Mar 14, 2023
Québec still waiting for it since 1759 ...
Level 62
Mar 15, 2023
I mean... they got the chance in referendums, but they voted no.
Level 55
Mar 16, 2023
At the risk of appearing a complete plank, I didn't read the description properly and initially typed in "Canary Islands" and Iceland popped up... presumably it's so people can type in the Icelandic for Iceland? A bit of a gift though (which possibly twerps like me need)