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A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user RabbitBoat.
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Times taken 4,266
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2892023-11-14Countries of Hinduism
2672023-08-16Guess the logo
2122023-11-14The Roblox Quiz
1842024-04-16Legendary Fruits : Blox Fruits
1762023-09-21Random hint to country
1652024-03-31Mythical Fruits : Blox Fruits
1352024-01-02Famous Cars
1202023-07-23World's famous rivers
1152024-03-23Common Fruits : Blox Fruits
1122023-09-08Guess the country by its flag
1112024-04-12Blox Fruit Quiz
1072023-07-23BRICS quiz
1022024-04-25Top 10 Largest Countries in the world
972024-03-23Uncommon Fruits : Blox Fruits
902023-11-14Guess the European country by 1 hint
862023-12-16Simple Math (Divison)
822024-03-17Guess The Youtuber!
752023-07-24Guess the country by its famous , building or statue
742023-07-25Guess the largest country
712023-11-17Chandrayaan true or false?
702023-09-18Simple math (Addition)
692024-03-28Rare Fruits : Blox Fruits
682024-01-04Simple Math (Multiplication)
642023-07-07Indian Traditional Food - State wise
632023-09-23India True or False?
602023-11-14States of Uk
582023-11-09What is this?
572023-07-22Guess the Europian capital
552023-07-25Guess the country by its currency
532023-07-27When did this country collaspe
462023-07-10Name the capital
462023-07-23Countries of "Big Five"
462023-11-14Guess the strongest country
452023-08-05Are they enemies of allies?
412023-09-12Guess the country by its flag #2
392023-07-23Name the Independence year
382023-10-18Guess The Capital Without Vowel
372023-08-18Top ten youtube channels with most subs
372023-12-11The Space Quiz
362023-11-14Guess the country by 1 hint
362023-07-27Guess where this famous person lives
362023-11-14Guess the Asian capital
332023-08-08Guess the continents
302023-07-23Guess the Indian state
302023-11-18Half Logo's
302023-07-25Guess the country by backward name
292023-11-14South Asia quiz
292023-08-06Guess the country by 1 hint #2 (hard hints)
282023-11-14What is This #2
252023-08-21Guess the country by its population rank
242023-11-17What is This? #3
222024-06-07Blox Fruit Quiz 2
222023-12-18Math Number Quiz
212023-08-31Planets of the Solar System
202023-07-24Name the the dierecrions
172023-08-16The quiz for myself
162023-07-09Eastern Indian states
152023-11-09The Roblox Quiz #2
152024-07-13Guess The Capital
152024-07-14Youtube Quiz
132023-07-07The Hindu Calendar - Vedic science
132024-03-18After Number
112023-07-07The Indian State Quiz - 01
92023-12-20Countries Of "The Quad"
92023-07-18India state capital quiz
62023-08-30Jetpunk Top Four
62023-12-16Jetpunk Top 3
52024-07-13Blade Ball Quiz
32024-07-13ICT Line Up (T20 WC Final 2024)