Elden ring general knowledge quiz

Answer the questions carefully, ye Tarnished
Quiz by SparkyMarkie
Last updated: November 27, 2023
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First submittedMarch 7, 2023
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Who is the loathsome character named in the introduction?
Dung eater
What is the name given to the graceful undead?
The Tarnished
Melina gives you an item upon agreeing to an accord, what is it?
Spectral steed whistle
Margit tells you to "put these foolish ... to rest"
Godrick is the lord of which castle?
what does Blaidd give you in reward for slaying darriwil?
somber smithing stone 2
In Castle Morne, what is your reward for slaying Leonine misbegotten?
Grafted blade Greatsword
What area do you fight Royal Knight Loretta in?
Caria Manor
After defeating Rennala, what can you do to your character for the price of a Larval tear?
From the rememberance of Starscourge Radahn,what bow can you retrieve from it?
Lion greatbow
The 2 medallions you find in Limgrave and Caelid activate what?
Grand lift of Dectus
which boss is residing in an arena in Volcano Manor?
To open the lift to the Moonlight Altar, which key item must you have?
Dark moon ring
The Draconic Tree Sentinel in Altus Plateau is protecting the entrance to which area?
Leyndell Royal Capital
After navigating the Subterranian shunning grounds, you come across the illusion of which omen demigod?
What stops the Tarnished entering the Erdtree after defeating Morgott?
What is the name of Melina's dagger?
The blade of calling
At night, a certain horseback enemy appears, what are they called?
Nights cavalry
What consumable item does Fia give you if you let her hold you?
Baldachin's blessing
Commander Niall drops what weapon?
Veteran's prosthesis
Upon completing millicent's questline,you recieve what key item?
Unalloyed gold needle
Malenia is the goddess of what?
The Fire Giant protects what?
The forge of the giants
What duo boss do you fight in the dragon temple of Farum Azula?
Godskin duo
Maliketh protects a great rune that was once stolen to kill Godwyn, what is it called?
Destined death
Placisusax is locked in time in what location?
Farum Azula
In order to preserve his dynasty, Mohg protects who?
Which ancient dragon does the Tarnished face in deeproot depths?
Lichdragon Fortissax
Who was the first Elden lord
Radagon has an alternative personality, who is it?
Level 46
Nov 24, 2023
A few things:

-it's the Grafted Blade Greatsword

-Loretta is also fought at the Haligtree so the question should be more specific

-Baldachin's Blessing is spelled wrong

-and a few others of these should also accept alternative answers (the Fire Giant one for example)

Level 22
Nov 27, 2023
Thank you for your criticism, i seem to have made a few misconceptions, these have been altered and fixed, i hope you enjoyed the quiz