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2912023-10-11Countries by Obesity Rates
1142023-09-16ASEAN Countries
1102023-10-01Countries with the Highest Rates of Autism
982024-02-08Biggest Metropolitan Cities in Germany
942024-02-16Biggest Metropolitan Cities in the US
942024-02-04Biggest Metropolitan Cities in Spain
922024-02-08Biggest Metropolitan Cities in France
892024-01-04Biggest Metropolitan Cities in the UK
862023-07-15Indo-European Language Family
842024-05-12Countries with the Most Autistic People
772023-06-03Palestinian Refugees by Country
772023-06-17Iraqi Refugees by Country
722023-07-27Austronesian Language Family
702023-09-17Top 10 Countries with the Highest Testosterone Levels
662023-09-19CSTO Countries
652024-02-16Biggest Metropolitan Cities in Japan
612024-03-08NATO Countries
572023-07-21Altaic Language Family
562024-02-08Biggest Metropolitan Cities in Russia
552024-01-01Immigration to Belgium by Country
542024-01-01Immigration to the United Kingdom by Country
522024-02-04Biggest Metropolitan Cities in Poland
512023-06-27Afghan Refugees by Country
512024-02-04Sino-Tibetan Language Family
502024-01-01Immigration to France by Country
452024-02-16Biggest Metropolitan Cities in China
432024-01-01Immigration to Germany by Country
432024-01-02BRICS Countries
432024-02-04Biggest Metropolitan Cities in Australia
432023-08-19Ukrainian Refugees by Country
422024-01-01Immigration to Norway by Country
422024-05-03Afroasiatic Language Family
422024-02-16Biggest Metropolitan Cities in India
412023-05-31Venezuelan Refugees by Country
412024-01-01Immigration to the United States by Country
402024-02-09Biggest Metropolitan Cities in Morocco
402023-04-01Countries with the Most Muslims
392024-02-09Immigration to Australia by Country
372024-01-01Immigration to Portugal by Country
362023-12-31Immigration to Poland by Country
352023-07-08Most Populous Countries (in 2100)
352024-01-09Biggest Metropolitan Cities in Canada
342023-03-25The Five Pillars of Islam
342023-07-16Caucasian Language Family
342024-02-16Biggest Metropolitan Cities in Mexico
342024-01-27Biggest Metropolitan Cities in Italy
342023-07-27Austroasiatic Language Family
332024-01-21Immigration to Switzerland by Country
332023-04-15Countries with the Most Christians
322024-01-03Immigration to the Netherlands by Country
322024-01-01Immigration to Spain by Country
312023-07-18Uralic Language Family
302024-01-27Biggest Metropolitan Cities in South Korea
282024-01-02Immigration to Italy by Country
282024-02-16Biggest Metropolitan Cities in Brazil
282024-02-09Biggest Metropolitan Cities in Argentina
262024-03-02Most Populous Countries (2024)
262024-02-05Biggest Metropolitan Cities in South Africa
262024-02-16Biggest Metropolitan Cities in Indonesia
252023-12-04Niger-Congo Language Family
252024-03-23Kurdish Dialects
242024-01-03Biggest Metropolitan Cities in Nigeria
242024-01-09Immigration to Canada by Country
232024-02-01Biggest Metropolitan Cities in Bangladesh
232024-05-01Biggest Metropolitan Cities in Egypt
222024-02-11Biggest Metropolitan Cities in Colombia
212024-02-16Biggest Metropolitan Cities in Vietnam
202024-02-11Biggest Metropolitan Cities in the Philippines
192024-01-04Biggest Metropolitan Cities in Saudi Arabia
192024-01-29Biggest Metropolitan Cities in Ethiopia
182024-01-29Biggest Metropolitan Cities in Tanzania
172024-02-16Biggest Metropolitan Cities in the D. R. Congo
142023-12-06Nilo-Saharan Language Family
142023-10-22Kra-Dai Language Family
132023-10-18Dravidian Language Family
102024-05-10Flags of Separatist Movements in Pakistan
62024-03-30Paleo-Siberian Language Family
42024-05-10Flags of Separatist Movements in Myanmar
32024-05-10Flags of Separatist Movements in Ethiopia