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Click the answer you think is correct. These questions can be difficult. Please do not look them up. DLC questions will have 2 asterisks ( ** ) next to them.
Quiz by TheKnightOfDioen
Last updated: February 13, 2023
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First submittedFebruary 10, 2023
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1. What level do you have to be to have the Ebony Warrior appear?
Level 75
Level 80
Level 85
Level 90
2. How old is Skyrim as of 2023? (Years, not months/days)
8 years old
10 years old
12 years old
14 years old
3. What is the strongest armor in Skyrim? (chestplates only) (not including DLC)
Ebony Armor
Dragon Plate Armor
Daedric Armor
Legacy Armor
4. What is the ore found in Gloombound Mine.
Ebony Ore
Gold Ore
Iron Ore
Malachite Ore
5. Where is the Sightless Pit located?
Northeast of Shrine of Azura
Northwest of Rorikstead
Southwest of Dragon Bridge
Southeast of Saarthal
6. How is your reward for completing Kagrumez? **
Orcish Greatsword of Destiny
Elven Shield of Great Protection
5 Black Soul Gems filled with Grand Souls
Dwarven Black Bow of Fate
7. What is the ore that can only be mined with a special pickaxe? **
Chaurus Ore
Daedric Ore
Stalhrim Ore
Dwarven Metal Ore
8. What is the name of the pickaxe used to mine the above? **
Ancient Nordic Pickaxe
Notched Pickaxe
Dragon Bone Pickaxe
Falmer Pickaxe of Binding
9. What happens if you kill someone important?
The Grandmaster Thief approaches you and guts you like a fish
A Dark Brotherhood grunt tries to kill you and a message is on their corpse
An Imperial squadron approaches you and demands you to go to Solitude
A Stormcloak squadron approaches you and demands you go to Windhelm
10. What happen after the above?
The Imperial squadron leader tries to execute you and a dragon kills them
The Stormcloak squadron leader tries to execute you, but dies in the process
You get kidnapped by someone and are forced to execute someone
You get trapped in a death loop until you revert back your save to before you murdered the person
11. Who is killed after running from an execution block?
Lokir of Rorikstead
Roggvir of Solitude
Ulfric of Windhelm
Tullius of Solitude
12. What is the name of the dragon that attacks Kynesgrove? (not Alduin)
13. Who can be found in Ragnvald?
Vekel the Man
Arvel the Swift
Otar the Mad
14. Who do you work with to infiltrate the Thalmor Embassy?
15. What can you do to a perk/skill when it reaches level 100?
Make it Mythic and gain 5 more perk/skill points to use on another perk/skill
Make it Superlevel and receive an achievement/trophy worth 100G for Xbox
Unlock a secret armor set called the "Legacy Set" that is heavier than Dragonplate, but stronger
Make it Legendary and get your perk/skill points back, but reset it to 15
16. Who is the original owner of the Boots of Waterwalking? **
17. Which Dragon Priest can grant water-breathing and give a 20 point bonus to carry weight and bartering?
18. What is the name of the guard of the Hall of Valor?
19. How many arrows can you carry of any type?
20. What happens to your stats in Survival Mode?
Carry weight is halved
A hunger bar is added above your stamina bar. If you don't eat, you will die
A sleep bar is added above your magicka bar. If you don't sleep, your spells with be weaker
A warmth bar is added above your health bar. If you don't stay warm, you will die from frostbite
21. Where is Arcwind Point?
North of Dragon Bridge
South of Haemar's Shame
East of Shor's Stone
West of Pinewatch
22. What is the base carry weight? (Not Survival Mode)
23. Who and where is the last Snow Elf (not Falmer) in Skyrim (first encounter --> final encounter)? **
Knight-Paladin Geleborn, Darkfall Cave --> Forgotten Vale
Auri-El, Arkngthamz --> Blackreach
Arch-Curate Vyrthur, Blackreach --> Altfand
Narfi, Ivarstead --> Skuldafn
24. Who do you find Serana? **
Dimhollow Abyss
Dimhollow Grotto
Dimhollow Cavern
Narfi's House
25. Who is Narfi?
A person with PTSD looking for his lost sister, Reyda
The true Dragonborn and heir to the throne of Skyrim and has transcended the bounds of Tamriel and has become the most powerful of the Ten Divines
The worst character in the game (do not click this option unless you're evil)
A target that you are required to assassinate, with no remorse, for the Dark Brotherhood
26. Why did that last question exist?
Because Narfi is a god in disguise
Because everyone hates Narfi
Because no one likes Narfi
Because Narfi is the least liked character in all the history of gaming
27. Where does your journey start?
The Pale Pass
28. What ability does the Khajiit race get?
Khajiit War Cry Ability
Night Eye and Claws Abilities
Higher Heavy Armor and Smithing perk/skill when you start your game
Last Resort Ability
29. Where can the friendly Riekling Chief be found? **
Hall of Valor
Skaal Town Hall
Raven Rock Town Hall
Thirsk Mead Hall
30. What is the strongest enemy in the game?
Alduin, the World-Eater
Karstaag the Frost Troll
Gartofph, Dwarven Alpha Centurion Grandmaster of Blackreach
Level 32
Feb 10, 2023
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