Ever After High Trivia Quiz #1

Answer these questions about the world of Ever After High. They range in difficulty, so just have fun!
Includes information from the show/movies, books, and dolls
Quiz by jazzypeach22
Last updated: January 16, 2021
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1. Who is Ashlynn Ella in a relationship with?
Hunter Huntsman
Daring Charming
Dexter Charming
Alistair Wonderland
Ashlynn and Hunter's similar interests in caring for the enviornment and animals brought them together.
2. What school did Poppy O'Hair transfer from?
Wonderland High
Monster High
Beauty School
Beast School
Because Poppy O'Hair does not have a destiny, she did not originally go to school at EAH, instead pursuing her passions in cosmetology.
3. Which one of these characters does not wear glasses?
Apple White
Ginger Breadhouse
Briar Beauty
Rosabella Beauty
Briar Beauty typically wears crownglasses, which are the cross between a crown and sunglasses. They are a fashion statement, not for vision correction.
4. Which one of these characters transferred from Monster High?
Coral Witch
Ginger Breadhouse
Faybelle Thorn
C. A. Cupid
Eros, Cupid's dad, thought that EAH would give Cupid a better education regarding her destiny.
5. Which one of these classes is not actually a class at Ever After High?
Poison Fruit Theory
Hero Studies
Advanced Allusions
Wooing 101
Heronomics, Hero Training, and Dragon Slaying are the hero-type classes at EAH.
6. What instrument does Bunny Blanc play?
She plays trumpet just like her father, the White Rabbit.
7. Which one of these characters can not turn into an animal?
Duchess Swan
Hopper Croakington II
Kitty Cheshire
Bunny Blanc
There has been no evidence that Kitty Cheshire can take on a cat form.
8. Which one of these groups is NOT a group of siblings
Daring Charming, Dexter Charming, and Darling Charming
Briar Beauty and Rosabella Beauty
Poppy O'Hair and Holly O'Hair
Cerise Hood and Ramona Badwolf
Briar Beauty and Rosabella Beauty are cousins.
9. Who is roommates with Briar Beauty?
Apple White
Rosabella Beauty
Ashlynn Ella
Faybelle Thorn
She was paired with Ashlynn Ella, because Apple White changed to room with Raven Queen.
10. Which one of these characters is a rebel?
Melody Piper
Alistair Wonderland
Bunny Blanc
Blondie Lockes
Melody wants to become a DJ and use music to bring people together, not lure them away.
11. Where does Poppy O'Hair work?
The Mad Hatter of Wonderland's Haberdashery and Tea Shoppe
The Tower Salon
The Glass Slipper
The Beanstalk Bakery
Due to her interest in hair, Poppy works as a stylist at her mother's salon.
12. What is Madeline Hatter's second language?
Riddlish is a commonly spoken language in Wonderland, her home.
13. What is Ginger Breadhouse's pet?
A black cat
An owl
A gingerbread mouse
A candy fish
Ginger Breadhouse cares for a candy fish named Jelly.
14. Which of these characters can talk to and understand animals?
Apple White
Ashlynn Ella
Hunter Huntsman
Duchess Swan
While many princesses can sing to call for animals, Ashlynn Ella is the only student at EAH who can actually communicate with animals.
15. Which of these characters is NOT from Wonderland?
Nina Thumbell
Chase Redford
Lizzie Hearts
Courtley Jester
Nina Thumbell is the daughter of Thumbellina, from the story Thumbellina.
16. What is special about Darling Charming's horse, Sir Gallopad?
He can change colors.
He can breathe fire.
He can become invisable.
He can freeze things.
Sir Gallopad can camoflage at will.
17. What classes does Professor Rumpelstiltskin teach?
Crownculus and Experimental Fairy Math
Science and Socery and Chemythstry
Princessology and Damsel-in-Distressing
General Villiany and Home Evilnomics
Professor Rumpelstiltskin teaches the science classes at EAH.
18. Which one of these characters is the headmaster of Ever After High?
Giles Grimm
Milton Grimm
Her Majesty The White Queen of Wonderland
Professor Badwolf
Giles is the master librarian, and the other two characters are teachers.
19. Which one of these places is not a location in Ever After High?
The Grimmnasium
The Lifairy
Hocus Latte
The Castleteria
Hocus Latte is a coffee shoppe in the Village of Book End.
20. What is the name of Ginger Breadhouse's MirrorCast show?
Spell's Kitchen
Cooking with Ginger
Cooking in the Breadhouse
Sweets and Treats with Ginger
Ginger's Mirror Cast show is a play on words.
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