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2302023-11-21Countries that start with W
762024-04-21Cities in Tamil Nadu (2023)
642024-04-10Enemies of India
512024-04-04Indian States (no map)
492024-05-06UK….. or Singapore
462024-01-07BRICS members (2024)
422024-04-23Emirates of the UAE
402024-05-20Unscramble the words countries
402023-12-08Countries that start with X
392024-01-21Airlines with the B777 (impossible!!)
382023-11-21Eurasian countries (easy)
352023-12-15Nine planets
332024-03-17Continents of the world
332024-04-14Qing Dynasty countries
332024-04-10Allies Of India
282024-05-06India…..or UK?
272024-05-10Countries of Scandinavia
272023-11-19South India quiz
252024-03-17Akhand Bharat countries
242024-04-18Russian Empire Countries
242024-05-27Who won the ipl T20 2024?
242024-04-19Countries that launched rockets (2023)
242023-12-08Months of the year
212023-12-1510 best airlines in 2023
202024-05-10Countries of the world -1
202023-12-05Guess the country quiz
202024-03-30IPL Cricket Teams
202024-05-06Alliances of the World
202024-04-19Biggest Cities in Spain
202024-03-10Countries in the coastline (Asia)
192024-04-10Languages of India
192024-05-15Countries that love and hate India
192024-04-18Some Languages of countries
192024-05-10Languages of Pakistan
192024-05-01Languages of Scotland
182023-11-19Part of UK (Impossible)
182024-04-13Countries that have Muslims that speak Arabic
162024-05-04Countries of the world -2
152024-05-11Indian States Size Comparison
152024-04-19Biggest Cities in China
152023-12-09Countries that border India (2023)
152024-04-23Flags to Capital
142024-04-20Countries that Border Greece
142024-02-08All the parts of Singapore
142023-12-17Places of UK
142024-04-20Countries that border Pakistan (2024)
132024-04-14Soviet Union Countries
132024-03-29ICC men’s international cricket council teams
122024-05-18Best teams in IPL
122023-12-05Places in Falkirk (Scotland council)
122024-04-14British Empire Countries
122023-12-12Five dwarf planets (wide grid)
112024-04-23Some Asian Capitals (no map)
112024-04-21South Asian Countries
112024-01-07Eurasia quiz
102024-04-22Airports of Singapore
102024-04-19Biggest Cities In India
92024-07-0710 largest Indian States
92024-04-02Tamil letters
82024-04-22Past Empires of India
72024-04-24Countries that lie to the Amazon Rainforest
72024-05-04Countries that border British Empire
62024-03-17All about changi airport
52024-07-05who won the ICC men’s T20 World Cup 2024?
52024-05-06Jetpunk users
52024-02-16western states of india
42024-05-26Populated Cities in Asia
42024-06-16Guess the Volvo?
42024-05-27Chennai Super Kings Players
32024-03-21Locations in South India
32024-04-12Vikromadetia Empire Countries
32024-05-06Iniya or Jithu
32024-03-23Months of the year in tamil
12024-04-14Singapore MRT stations
02024-04-20Runways of Antarctica
02024-05-15Countries that like and don’t like…
02024-04-06தமிழ் நாடு