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2,2532019-07-13Harry Potter Characters by Screen Time
1,5742022-09-18MCU Characters by Screen Time
1,5372018-09-16NCAA Division I FBS Teams
1,2262022-09-29NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Teams
9742020-04-2310 Highest-Grossing Movies by Year (2010-2019)
7172021-08-08US Cities with a Population Over 100,000
6912018-07-05Pixar Cars Movies
6072019-07-13Star Wars Characters by Screen Time
5482018-07-05Transformers Movies
5342018-05-30Lego Batman: The Video Game (2008) Playable Characters
5192021-12-05Most Common NCAA DI Mascots
5082018-01-07Skywalker Family Tree
4212018-07-05The Fast and the Furious Movies
3662018-07-05Shrek Movies
3652018-06-05Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 (2010) Playable Characters
3602018-06-01Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (2012) Playable Characters
3582018-02-09Star Wars Characters, part 1
3282018-06-01Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (2014) Playable Characters
3172022-10-09NCAA Division III Men's Basketball Teams
3062018-11-03Saw Movies
2932018-07-05Mission: Impossible Movies
2902022-10-09LEGO Ninjago Episodes
2822023-01-27Highest Grossing Movie Franchises of All Time
2622018-06-30Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 (2011) Playable Characters
2592018-05-29Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga (2007) Playable Characters
2052021-08-08Canadian Cities with a Population Over 100,000
2002018-05-31Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures (2008) Playable Characters
1952018-12-31NCAA Teams in Connecticut
1942022-10-14NCAA Division I Baseball Teams
1932018-05-30Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2016) Playable Characters
1892018-05-29Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars (2011) Playable Characters
1882018-05-28Lego Star Wars: The Video Game (2005) Playable Characters
1822021-12-05Movies' Series #1
1792021-11-03NHL Team Abbreviations
1692018-12-09Star Wars Movies
1682021-12-06States with the Most NCAA DI Teams
1652021-10-31Highest-Grossing Movies of All Time
1642018-07-05X-Men Movies
1632019-03-21Highest Grossing Movies of 2018
1612018-08-3010 Highest Grossing Movies by Year (2000-2009)
1592021-12-05Star Wars Planets
1512022-10-09Lego Video Games
1502018-08-3010 Highest Grossing Movies by Year (1980-1989)
1482018-02-09Star Wars Characters, part 4: The Clone Wars
1442021-12-06States with the Most NCCAA Teams
1422021-12-05Movies' Series #2
1382018-07-05Twilight Movies
1372018-05-28Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (2006) Playable Characters
1372022-10-12NCAA Division I Men's Ice Hockey Teams
1332018-07-05The Hunger Games Movies
1322018-08-3010 Highest Grossing Movies by Year (1990-1999)
1312018-11-18NCAA Teams in Massachusetts
1292018-09-05Lego The Lord of the Rings: The Video Game (2012) Playable Characters
1292018-07-05Superman Movies
1212019-01-23"Star Wars: The Clone Wars" Episodes
1212021-12-06College Football Playoff Ranking Teams
1112021-12-06States with the Most NCAA DIII Teams
1092022-03-21MCU Movies by Rotten Tomatoes Rating
1072018-07-05Spider-Man Movies
1012022-01-112021 College Football AP Poll
1012018-06-01Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues (2009) Playable Characters
1012018-11-03NCAA Teams in Indiana
982018-11-05NCAA Teams in Maryland
932018-11-03NCAA Teams in Iowa
902021-10-31NCAA Division III Mascots
892018-12-17NCAA Teams in Minnesota
862018-05-12Star Wars Characters, part 5: Rebels
852018-09-04Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game (2011) Playable Characters
852018-08-3010 Highest Grossing Movies by Year (1970-1979)
812021-12-05NAIA Teams
802022-10-12NCAA Division II Men's Basketball Teams
802021-02-072020 College Football AP Poll
782018-12-18NCAA Teams in Alabama
752018-10-16NCAA Teams in California
752021-10-31NCAA Division II Mascots
742018-08-3010 Highest Grossing Movies by Year (1960-1969)
712018-11-03NCAA Teams in Kentucky
712018-10-28NCAA Teams in Illinois
662018-08-01Pixar Movies
662018-10-16NCAA Teams in Florida
642018-12-18NCAA Teams in Arizona
642021-12-28MCU Villains
642019-04-06Harry Potter Movies by Rotten Tomatoes Rating
622022-04-23ICHSA Top 4 Finishers
622021-12-06States with the Most NCAA DII Teams
622018-08-30Highest Grossing Movies of 1995
622018-07-05Planet of the Apes Movies
602018-11-03NCAA Teams in Maine
592018-10-16NCAA Teams in Delaware
592021-12-08Marvel Cinematic Universe
582018-08-3010 Highest Grossing Movies by Year (1950-1959)
582022-01-122021 College Football Playoff Rankings
582018-05-28Star Wars Characters, part 2
572018-11-21NCAA Teams in Michigan
572018-12-18NCAA Teams in Arkansas
572018-09-09The Lego Movie Videogame (2014) Playable Characters
552020-12-18The Mandalorian Guest Stars
552018-11-03NCAA Teams in Kansas
542018-08-23Highest Grossing Movies of 1997
522019-07-14Highest Grossing Movies of 1994
522018-08-24Highest Grossing Movies of 1996
522018-11-03NCAA Teams in Louisiana
522018-07-05Pirates of the Caribbean Movies
512022-04-23ICHSA Finalists
512018-10-16NCAA Teams in Georgia
512021-10-31NCAA Division I Mascots
512021-10-30College Basketball Team Abbreviations
502021-02-062019 College Football AP Poll
492019-04-06Spider-Man Movies by Rotten Tomatoes Rating
492018-08-24Highest Grossing Movies of 1999
472021-12-06States with the Most NAIA Teams
472018-10-16NCAA Teams in Idaho
472018-08-24Highest Grossing Movies of 1998
472018-10-16NCAA Teams in the District of Columbia
462021-02-062018 College Football AP Poll
462018-08-24Highest Grossing Movies of 2001
452019-04-06Star Wars Movies by Rotten Tomatoes Rating
452018-12-18NCAA Teams in Alaska
452018-10-16NCAA Teams in Colorado
442018-08-3010 Highest Grossing Movies by Year (1940-1949)
432018-05-07Avatar Episodes
432018-08-24Highest Grossing Movies of 2004
422021-01-30Longest College Football Poll Droughts
422019-07-14Highest Grossing Movies of 1993
412018-08-27Studio Ghibli Movies by Rotten Tomatoes Rating
412018-08-24Highest Grossing Movies of 2005
412018-08-24Highest Grossing Movies of 2000
402018-10-16NCAA Teams in Hawaii
402021-11-02NBA Team abbreviations
392021-10-30College Football Team Abbreviations
392021-01-272000 College Football AP Poll
392020-12-03Longest NCAA Tournament Streaks
382021-01-282003 College Football AP Poll
382021-11-03MLB Team Abbreviations
382020-11-251936 College Football AP Poll
382021-11-02NFL Team Abbreviations
372018-07-05Star Trek Movies
372021-12-09Every NCAA Mascot
362021-01-312010 College Football AP Poll
362019-07-14Highest Grossing Movies of 1992
352021-11-05Collegiate Synchronized Swimming Teams
342021-11-052020 College Football Playoff Rankings
342018-08-24Highest Grossing Movies of 2009
342018-08-24Highest Grossing Movies of 2003
332021-12-06States with the Most NJCAA D1 Teams
332018-08-24Highest Grossing Movies of 2007
332018-08-24Highest Grossing Movies of 2006
332018-08-3010 Highest Grossing Movies by Year (1930-1939)
322021-01-121974 College Football AP Poll
322018-05-28Star Wars TV Shows
312021-01-292006 College Football AP Poll
312018-08-24Highest Grossing Movies of 2002
312021-10-30College Football Team Abbreviations - FCS
312018-12-17NCAA Teams in Mississippi
312018-08-24Mission: Impossible Movies by Rotten Tomatoes Rating
302021-08-03Most Popular Presidential Campaigns
302021-06-12U.S. Presidents' Colleges
302018-08-23Highest Grossing Movies of 2017
292021-01-271999 College Football AP Poll
282021-11-052019 College Football Playoff Rankings
282018-08-23Highest Grossing Movies of 2011
282021-01-272001 College Football AP Poll
272018-08-24Highest Grossing Movies of 2008
272021-02-032014 College Football AP Poll
272021-11-05Unranked College Football Teams
272018-08-24Pirates of the Caribbean Movies by Rotten Tomatoes Rating
262022-04-24ICCA Finalists
252021-01-221993 College Football AP Poll
252021-11-27Worst Power 5 Football Teams
252021-02-042017 College Football AP Poll
252022-10-19Atlantic Coast Conference
252021-02-032015 College Football AP Poll
242022-09-25Georgia Cities with a Population Over 10,000
242018-08-23Highest Grossing Movies of 2016
242018-08-23Highest Grossing Movies of 2012
242021-02-012011 College Football AP Poll
242021-01-122020 College Football Vote-Getters
242021-01-312007 College Football AP Poll
232018-08-24Highest Grossing Movies of 2010
232021-02-042016 College Football AP Poll
232021-01-181986 College Football AP Poll
232020-12-18The Mandalorian Episodes By Length
232018-08-27Superman Movies by Rotten Tomatoes Rating
232021-11-08Colleges by A Cappella Group
232023-01-08Brawl Stars Brawlers
222018-08-23Highest Grossing Movies of 2014
222019-04-06Transformers Movies by Rotten Tomatoes Rating
222022-01-131973-74 NCAA Men's Basketball AP Poll
222018-08-23Highest Grossing Movies of 2013
222018-08-24Pixar Movies by Rotten Tomatoes Rating
222021-01-312009 College Football AP Poll
222018-08-23Highest Grossing Movies of 2015
222022-10-09NCAA Division I FCS Teams
222021-01-261998 College Football AP Poll
212021-01-121975 College Football AP Poll
212021-01-261997 College Football AP Poll
212021-01-151977 College Football AP Poll
202021-01-282004 College Football AP Poll
202021-02-022012 College Football AP Poll
202021-01-181985 College Football AP Poll
202021-01-191988 College Football AP Poll
202021-11-05College Football Late Bloomers
202021-01-312008 College Football AP Poll
192021-01-161980 College Football AP Poll
192021-02-022013 College Football AP Poll
192021-01-201989 College Football AP Poll
192021-01-221992 College Football AP Poll
192021-01-181984 College Football AP Poll
192021-01-091965 College Football AP Poll
192021-01-101970 College Football AP Poll
192021-12-06States with the Most NJCAA D2 Teams
182022-09-24California Cities with a Population Over 75,000
182021-01-282002 College Football AP Poll
182021-01-121961 College Football AP Poll
182018-09-16Predator Movies by Rotten Tomatoes Rating
172021-12-06States with the Most NJCAA D3 Teams
172021-01-261996 College Football AP Poll
172022-09-25Florida Cities with a Population Over 25,000
162022-10-142021 College Football Vote-Getters
162021-01-231994 College Football AP Poll
162021-01-211990 College Football AP Poll
162022-10-19NCAA Division I Schools with No Hints
162018-08-3010 Highest Grossing Movies by Year (1920-1929)
162021-01-101969 College Football AP Poll
162021-01-161979 College Football AP Poll
162021-01-181983 College Football AP Poll
152021-01-292005 College Football AP Poll
152020-12-031950 College Football AP Poll
152021-02-221970-71 NCAA Men's Basketball AP Poll
152021-01-251995 College Football AP Poll
152021-01-211991 College Football AP Poll
152021-01-191987 College Football AP Poll
152021-01-171981 College Football AP Poll
152018-02-09Star Wars Characters, part 6: The Epic Microseries
152020-11-251937 College Football AP Poll
152021-01-031960 College Football AP Poll
142020-11-301948 College Football AP Poll
142021-01-101972 College Football AP Poll
142020-12-311957 College Football AP Poll
132021-11-05ICCA Championship Schools
132021-02-191963-64 NCAA Men's Basketball AP Poll
132020-12-171953 College Football AP Poll
132021-01-041962 College Football AP Poll
132021-11-052018 College Football Playoff Rankings
132021-02-191951-52 NCAA Men's Basketball AP Poll
122022-01-131972-73 NCAA Men's Basketball AP Poll
122021-01-171982 College Football AP Poll
122021-01-051964 College Football AP Poll
122022-04-24ICCA Top 4 Finishers
122021-01-111973 College Football AP Poll
122021-11-042017 College Football Playoff Rankings
122021-11-042014 College Football Playoff Rankings
122020-11-251938 College Football AP Poll
122020-12-281955 College Football AP Poll
122018-01-07Star Wars Characters, part 3: The Forgotten Films
122020-11-281944 College Football AP Poll
122020-12-291956 College Football AP Poll
122020-11-251939 College Football AP Poll
112022-12-06College Football Teams by Wins
112021-12-06States with the Most USCAA Teams
112021-11-042015 College Football Playoff Rankings
112020-11-261940 College Football AP Poll
112021-01-161978 College Football AP Poll
112021-01-091968 College Football AP Poll
112021-01-091967 College Football AP Poll
112020-11-271941 College Football AP Poll
112020-12-041951 College Football AP Poll
112020-11-281945 College Football AP Poll
112020-12-011949 College Football AP Poll
112021-01-141976 College Football AP Poll
102020-11-291947 College Football AP Poll
102021-01-101971 College Football AP Poll
102021-01-011959 College Football AP Poll
102020-12-171954 College Football AP Poll
102020-12-041952 College Football AP Poll
102021-01-091966 College Football AP Poll
102021-01-041963 College Football AP Poll
102020-11-281943 College Football AP Poll
102021-11-042016 College Football Playoff Rankings
102022-09-26Kansas Cities with a Population Over 5,000
92021-01-011958 College Football AP Poll
92019-07-13Highest Grossing Movies of 2019
92020-11-271942 College Football AP Poll
92021-02-211968-69 NCAA Men's Basketball AP Poll
92020-11-291946 College Football AP Poll
82021-11-04College Synchronized Swimming Champions
82021-02-191950-51 NCAA Men's Basketball AP Poll
82021-02-191952-53 NCAA Men's Basketball AP Poll
82018-11-03Psycho Movies
82021-02-191948-49 NCAA Men's Basketball AP Poll
82021-02-211966-67 NCAA Men's Basketball AP Poll
82021-02-221969-70 NCAA Men's Basketball AP Poll
72023-03-26NCAA Men's Tournament Debuts
72022-09-24Alaska Cities with a Population Over 1,000
72021-02-191960-61 NCAA Men's Basketball AP Poll
72021-02-211967-68 NCAA Men's Basketball AP Poll
72018-08-3010 Highest Grossing Movies by Year (1913-1919)
72021-02-231971-72 NCAA Men's Basketball AP Poll
72021-02-211965-66 NCAA Men's Basketball AP Poll
72022-09-25Idaho Cities with a Population Over 5,000
62022-09-25Illinois Cities with a Population Over 25,000
62022-09-25Indiana Cities with a Population Over 10,000
62018-08-24Star Trek Movies by Rotten Tomatoes Rating
62018-10-14Michigan Water Polo Association Teams
62021-12-06USCAA Teams
62022-04-19ICCA Finals Schools
62021-02-211964-65 NCAA Men's Basketball AP Poll
62021-02-191949-50 NCAA Men's Basketball AP Poll
62022-04-14Star Wars: The Old Republic classes
62021-10-30College Football Team Abbreviations - Division III
52022-09-26Iowa Cities with a Population Over 10,000
52021-02-191959-60 NCAA Men's Basketball AP Poll
52021-02-191957-58 NCAA Men's Basketball AP Poll
52021-02-191956-57 NCAA Men's Basketball AP Poll
52022-09-24Colorado Cities with a Population Over 10,000
52022-10-19American Athletic Conference
52021-02-191953-54 NCAA Men's Basketball AP Poll
52021-02-191961-62 NCAA Men's Basketball AP Poll
42021-02-191954-55 NCAA Men's Basketball AP Poll
42021-02-191958-59 NCAA Men's Basketball AP Poll
42021-02-191962-63 NCAA Men's Basketball AP Poll
42021-10-30College Football Team Abbreviations - Division II
42023-03-26NCAA Women's Tournament Debuts
42022-09-24Arizona Cities with a Population Over 10,000
42022-09-25Delaware Cities with a Population Over 1,000
32022-09-24Arkansas Cities with a Population Over 10,000
32021-02-191955-56 NCAA Men's Basketball AP Poll
32022-09-25Hawaii Towns with a Population Over 5,000
22022-09-25Connecticut Cities with a Population Over 10,000
22022-09-24Alabama Cities with a Population Over 10,000
02022-10-11World Open A Cappella - Top 3 Finishers
02022-04-19ICHSA Finals States