Star Wars Characters, part 5: Rebels

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Last updated: May 12, 2018
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First Appearance
Spark of Rebellion (S1E01)
Young pickpocket on Lothal
Ezra Bridger
Jedi in hiding on the Ghost
Kanan Jarrus / Caleb Dume
Ex-Mandalorian warrior on the Ghost
Sabine Wren
Twi'lek pilot of the Ghost
Captain Hera Syndulla
Purple Lasat muscle-man on the Ghost
Garazeb Orrelios
Stubby gray Astromech Droid
Agent for the Imperial Security Bureau
Agent Alexsandr Kallus
Skinny Imperial commander
Commandant Cumberlayne Aresko
Thick Imperial taskmaster
Taskmaster Myles Grint
Imperial supply master on Lothal
Lieutenant Yogar Lyste
Farmer struggling to keep his farm
Morad Sumar
Reporter for the HoloNet News
Alton Kastle
Wookiee slave
Wookiee child slave
Droids in Distress (S1E02)
Green Devaronian crime lord
Cikatro Vizago
Aqualish arms dealer for the Empire
Amda Wabo
Former senator of Alderaan
Bail Organa
Imperial Minister of Industry on Lothal
Minister Maketh Tua
Golden Protocol Droid
Blue and white Astromech Droid
Droid pilot of the transport shuttle
Fighter Flight (S1E03)
TIE pilot who calls for reinforcements
Baron Valen Rudor
Rodian vendor with meiloorun fruit
Wife of a Lothal farmer
Marida Sumar
Rise of the Old Masters (S1E04)
Mirialan Jedi Master believed dead
Luminara Unduli
Pau'an Jedi hunter with red tattoos
Grand Inquisitor
Imperial Senator posing as a traitor
Gall Trayvis
Breaking Ranks (S1E05)
Imperial cadet who's secretly a Rebel
Zare Leonis
Imperial cadet from Lothal
Jai Kell
Competitive Imperial cadet
Nazhros Oleg
Empire Day (S1E07)
Main protagonist's father
Ephraim Bridger
Main protagonist's mother
Mira Bridger
Ithorian barkeeper and Rebel supporter
Old Jho
Yellow Rodian cyborg in Imperial I.T.
Gathering Forces (S1E08)
Imperial admiral with sideburns
Admiral Kassius Konstantine
Idiot's Array (S1E10)
Gambler and "galactic entrepreneur"
Lando Calrissian
Red Jablogian crime lord on Lothal
Call to Action (S1E12)
The first and only Imperial grand moff
Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin
Fire Across the Galaxy (S1E14)
Orange Togruta with white lightsabers
Ahsoka Tano / Fulcrum
Black-robed leader of the Imperial navy
Darth Vader
The Siege of Lethal (S2E01)
Commander of Phoenix Squadron
Commander Jun Sato
Brown and orange Protocol Droid
Supreme ruler of the Galactic Empire
Emperor Sheev Palpatine / Darth Sidious
The Lost Commanders (S2E02)
Former captain in the Republic military
Former Republic Commando
Former commander in the Republic
Relics of the Old Republic (S2E03)
Large male member of the Inquisitorius
Fifth Brother
Always Two There Are (S2E04)
Pale female Inquisitor
Seventh Sister
Brothers of the Broken Horn (S2E05)
Weequay pirate from Florrum
Hondo Ohnaka
Wings of the Master (S2E06)
Mon Calamari designer of the B-Wing
Miner saved by Phoenix Squadron
Eesh Fahm
Blood Sisters (S2E07)
Gonk Droid with vital Rebel information
Bounty hunter hired to steal the Gonk
Ketsu Onyo
Stealth Strike (S2E08)
Commanding officer of the Interdictor
Admiral Brom Titus
The Future of the Force (S2E09)
Grandmother of a Force-sensitive baby
Force-sensitive baby
Ithorian mother of a Force-sensitive kid
Force-sensitive Ithorian kid
Legacy (S2E10)
Rebel-friendly governor of Lothal
Governor Ryder Azadi
A Princess on Lothal (S2E11)
Alderaanian Senator and Rebel
Princess Leia Skywalker Organa
The Protector of Concord Dawn (S2E12)
Member of the Mandalorian Clan Wren
Fenn Rau
Legends of the Lasat (S2E13)
Lasat mystic and refugee
Chava the Wise
Leader of the Lasan High Honor Guard
The Call (S2E14)
Boss of a Mining Guild gas refinery
Boss Yushyn
Homecoming (S2E15)
Twi'lek revolutionary and father
Cham Syndulla
Twi'lek refugee from the Clone Wars
Twi'lek revolution leader
Gobi Glie
Shroud of Darkness (S2E17)
Ancient green Jedi Master
The Forgotten Droid (S2E18)
Friendly Imperial Protocol Droid
The Mystery of Chopper Base (S2E19)
Phoenix Squadron A-Wing pilot
Twilight of the Apprentice (S2E20)
Red-tattooed former Sith Lord
Maul / Old Master
Masked member of the Inquisitorius
Eighth Brother
Sentient identity of the Sith Holocron
Steps Into Shadow (S3E01)
Being which possessed true balance
Blue-skinned admiral from Legends
Grand Admiral Thrawn
Imperial governor of the Lothal Sector
Governor Arihnda Pryce
Ugnaught worker labeled "Laborer 429"
The Antilles Extraction (S3E03)
Pilot who will destroy the Death Star II
Wedge Antilles
Pilot who will destroy an AT-AT on Hoth
Derek "Hobbie" Klivian
Pilot who's killed while trying to defect
Rake Gahree
Instructor at the Skystrike Academy
Commander Vult Skerris
Hera's Heroes (S3E04)
Imperial captain at Ryloth
Captain Slavin
The Last Battle (S3E05)
Former Separatist tactical droid
Old battle droid on Agamar
Imperial Supercommandos (S3E06)
Imperial governor of Mandalore
Viceroy Gar Saxon
Iron Squadron (S3E07)
Leader of Iron Squadron at Mykapo
Captain Mart Mattin
Theelin member of Iron Squadron
Gooti Terez
Iron Squadron member at Mykapo
Jonner Jin
Orange and grey Astromech Droid
Ghosts of Geonosis: Part 1 (S3E11)
The last Geonosian on Geonosis
Radical Rebel and Partisan leader
Saw Gerrera
Ghosts of Geonosis: Part 2 (S3E12)
Imperial captain who almost wins
Captain Brunson
Warhead (S3E13)
Imperial recon droid on Atollon
Legacy of Mandalore (S3E15)
Leader of the Mandalorian Clan Wren
Ursa Wren
Mandalorian warrior and brother
Tristan Wren
Through Imperial Eyes (S3E16)
Elderly colonel from the Clone Wars
Colonel Wullf Yularen
Secret Cargo (S3E17)
Imperial Senator for Chandrila
Senator Mon Mothma
Commander of a senatorial escort
Commander Erskin Semaj
Twin Suns (S3E19)
Jedi hiding in the wastes of Tatooine
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Moisture farmer's wife on Tatooine
Beru Whitesun Lars
Force-sensitive farmer on Tatooine
Luke Skywalker
Zero Hour: Part 1 (S3E20)
Imperial commander on the Chimaera
Commander Woldar
Bearded leader in the Rebel Alliance
General Jan Dodonna
Heroes of Mandalore: Part 1 (S4E01)
Newly proclaimed leader of Mandalore
Bo-Katan Kryze
Mandalorian artist and father
Alrich Wren
New leader of Clan Saxon
Governor Tiber Saxon
Mandalorian captain in white armor
Captain Hark
In the Name of the Rebellion: Part 1 (S4E03)
Tognath pilot with the Partisans
Edrio "Two-Tubes"
Green and white Astromech Droid
In the Name of the Rebellion: Part 2 (S4E04)
Ishi Tib technician on Coruscant
Mich Matt
Imperial death trooper commander
Commander DT-F16
The Occupation (S4E05)
Imperial death trooper on Lothal
Kindred (S4E07)
Imperial bodyguard and assassin
Crawler Commandeers (S4E08)
Trandoshan Mining Guild captain
Captain Seevor
Trandoshan Mining Guild slave master
Foreman Proach
Rebel Assault (S4E09)
Phoenix 4 pilot in the Attack on Lothal
Phoenix 5 pilot in the Attack on Lothal
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