Random Geography Facts (55)

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Last updated: June 9, 2017
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Found only in USA, Venezuela, and Trinidad; another name for a large, natural body of tar or asphalt.
Pitch Lake
Doubly landlocked Asian country...
... Versus European
Greenest city in the world (Europe)
Only language isolate spoken in Europe (doesn't have roots)
Nepal is to Himalayas as Andorra is to _______.
Sanskrit and Tamil are two languages that have remained almost unchanged for the past five hundred years. They are spoken in present-day:
Country with a name meaning "Resplendent Isle"
Sri Lanka
The closest language to old English that is definitely not a dialect is the language of:
Kanji are ___ words borrowed into ___.
Chinese, Japanese
Beijing means "Northern Capital". Which former Chinese capital city means "Southern Capital"?
The Laotian capital, Vientiane, comes from a word from what language?
The Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, means what in Malay?
Muddy River
Country where Sofia Vergana came from.
The lowest point in Africa, in Djibouti, is Lake ______
Out of four major island groups off the east coast of Africa, which is not a nation but instead a French possession?
Reunion (or Réunion if you must)
Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, and _____ are the three African countries with Guinea in their names.
Equatorial Guinea
Which of these Pacific regions is a country: Melanesia, Micronesia, or Polynesia?
The two central European countries of the Czech Republic and Slovakia were once a single country called:
Slovakia is commonly confused with...
Of the three Caucasus countries, which one is completely in Asia?
This Romance language is often overlooked and is isolated from the other major Romance languages today.
Speaking of Romance languages, what is the official language of Andorra?
This small, coastal country joined the EU in 2013, the newest as of the making of the quiz.
The 2020 Euro UEFA Cup will not be partly held in which of these cities: Baku, Minsk, London, Oslo, Cardiff, Glasgow, Jerusalem or Skopje?
Oslo (Surprisingly not Jerusalem)
Which of the three Baltic countries did not win any medals in the 2016 Rio Olympics?
This is the largest city in the Baltics, with around two-thirds of a million people.
U.K. Is made of Wales, England, Scotland and...
Northern Ireland
What country colonized most of Suriname? Great Britain was the first to do so, but soon traded it off to this country.
Country directly west of Suriname?
The Falkland Islands belong to the UK, but what other country claims them?
_______ surrounds The ______ (Western Africa)
Senegal, Gambia
Newest country as of 2/16/16?
South Sudan
What does "Libya" mean in Ancient Greek?
Which island did Thesus (remember the Minotaur from Greek mythology?) rise to fame in?
Ambergris Caye is found off the shore of Belize. What does "Caye" mean?
Belize again: While the official capital is inland, most business takes place in...
Belize City
What North African city has a name meaning "White House"?
Haiti and the Dominican Republic share the island of...
The nation of Grenada is named after the Spanish city...
Easy question time! The Taj Mahal is in the city of...
Sumatra belongs to...
Sharing an island with Indonesia, this newly independent nation is also the only Asian country that is predominantly Catholic aside from the Philippines.
East Timor
Last surviving "Buddhist nation"?
Four Tigers of Asia: Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and... (Not an official country)
Hong Kong
Equatorial Guinea is the only African country where _____ is an official language.
Name a country that has an eponymous, nearly identically named capital. (e. Narnia City as the capital of Narnia)
Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Kuwait, Djibouti, Singapore, Vatican City, Monaco, Luxembourg or San Marino
Name a country with a capital that contains PART of the country name.
El Salvador, Brazil, Sao Tome & Principe, Algeria, Tunisia, or Guinea-Bissau.
From what region did algebra come from?
Middle East
Name one of the two most secular countries in Europe.
Estonia or Czech Republic
Which Scandinavian country is not in the EU?
What are the three countries always included in Scandinavia? No and required.
Sweden, Norway, Denmark.
Finnish, Estonian and ____ are the three most widely spoken Finno-Ugric languages.
There are three distinct capital cities in this country in Africa. Name it.
South Africa
Name them; the hardest to spell will be relaxed.
Pretoria, Cape Town and Bloemfontein.
Last question. Stick with me. The once-grand city of _________ is in present-day Somalia.
Level 56
Feb 17, 2016
south sudan became a country yesterday? huh.
Level 72
Feb 17, 2016
Pyrennes?? How about Pyrenees....?
Level 43
Aug 26, 2016
sofia vergara is colombian
Level 69
Jan 28, 2017
Liechtenstein is spelled wrong, and I didn't see the Suriname one! Ugh, I knew the answer.
Level 70
Jun 16, 2017
Great quiz!

The question about Frisian sounds a bit weird: shouldn't the answer be « Frisia »?