2019 Memes

A continually updated list of the most popular memes of 2019 You might also like- Music memes Red = January Orange = February, so forth.
Quiz by ManxMarvel
Last updated: July 8, 2021
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The battle for the most subscribers.
Pewdiepie vs T-Series
One thicc bunny.
Big Chungus
Lv.35 boss.
That's how mafia works
The most liked Instagram post.
Instagram egg
They can't hear you
Air Pods
They can't see you.
Bird box challenge
This phrase took over youtube's comments section.
Oh yeah yeah
This Naruto character is always getting choked.
Choking sasuke
The best pass a white guy can get.
N-word pass
The ultimate overpowered cartoon.
Ultra Shaggy
Where Dr Phil sends arrogant children
The ranch
They will take your water.
Airport security
They may kill you but at least you don't have autism
The most gorgeous man on earth and has a Tic Tok account
Can grant you fortnite and mark ass brownlee related wishes
Will Smith genie
Eric Andre just wants to be let inside
One beeg dinosaur
Beeg Yoshi
His theme song, played often over long screams
Flower Garden
He like 'em big, he like 'em chunky
Moto Moto
Why certain Youtube videos appear on blue shirt kid's recommended
First of all, because of the YouTube algorithm
J.K. Rowling reveals everyone was...
A honey bear--> An anthropormorphic, intelligent ursid with a golden hue to reflect the sustenance that is his namesake.
Tuxedo Winnie the Pooh
Lightning McQueen, I peed
I am speed
Spoilers for Avengers Endgame. Antman makes the ultimate sacrifice.
Thanos's butthole
A result of Brexit but I call it Robo-copy-write
Article 13
Where's *THUD THUD The mother f*ing *THUD THUD Tea?
Here's the mother f*ing tea
Me* Takes a swim. Everyone else at Niagra Falls*
Unsettled Tom
Have you done your Spanish lesson.
Duolingo Owl
GTA phrase muttered when walking into a fimiliar situation..."Aw Sh*t...
Here we go again
I'm gonna take my horse to the hotel room
Old Town Road
Billie Eilish is not the good guy
Bad Guy
Gotta go fast in real life
Sonic The Hedgehog Live Action Movie
He holds the record for most subscribers lost and holds in in only 2 days
James Charles
Hamger gerbur u. . . . . UUUUUUUU
Just hanging out with the 4 boys
Me and the boys
Where the boys and I hang out after gym
The boy's locker room
Well boys __ ___ __. We made Minecraft popular again
We did it
Describe Keanu Reeves in one word
Stocks but... stonks
Pewdiepie's mincraft horse (CORRECT SPELLING)
WOT? You never played...
Tuber Simulator
Pewdiepie's minecraft dog
Pewdiepie's minecraft sheep
Small brain+ Small brain =
Big brain
If we Naruto run we can move faster than their bullets
Area 51 Memes
What if we were put in the fricking chamber? Haha Just kidding...____
Belle Delphine's herpes' in a bottle
Gamer girl bath water
Not funny
Didn't laugh
Aww man
Time Traveler: Is Trump in power now? Person: Donald Trump, Yea? Time Traveler: No, I mean Trump Jr
Say sike right now
Thanos 'Rain fire' 'but sire...'
Just do it
Size of peppa pig
Hate him or Love him
He's spittin straight facts
Toothpaste should be eaten, ___/10 dentists agree
I know we couldn't skype tonight but... that's alright
Good night girl
Leading cause of violence in USA
Video games
The first meme to not die must have been like...
White guy blinking meme
The chipmunk getting the best head is...
The face children make at me on the bus.
Sully Wazowski
What if we made out on the joker____
Change da world, My final message...______
Imma Head out
When wolves by Kanye West starts playing
Floating Spongebob meme
14 year old girls when (S)he (be)lie(ve)d.
You have stolen my childhood
How dare you!
Who is Joe?
If we ____ __ we can out run their bullets
Naruto run
This meme has been blocked in
Le Monke
Uh-oh Stinky
a spontaneous and usually random time where someone checks your vibe
Vibe check
Look at us! Who would have though?
Not me
Mr Beast campagin to reach $20,000 for...
Team trees
STFU, I'm in the car...
listening to
How to reply to an angry adult who doesn't believe in climate change.
Ok Boomer
No Nut November
Didn't kill himself
The winner of the Youtube rematch fight
Shannon Briggs, trained one boxer purly through the catchphrase (Let's go ____)
Person who cried at the match
Jake Paul
Moaning pufferfish noise
Very cute meme
Baby Yoda
Elon Musk's newest car (breaks easily)
Tesla Cybertruck
Is that the bite of
How many pizza's can Papa John eat in 30 days?
This video was sponsered by the #1 mobile game
Raid Shadow Legends
Level 30
Jul 15, 2019
Lot's of spelling errors, and leeway should be given for many eg Instagram egg as egg or picture of egg and Mafia city or Locker room etc.
Level 37
Aug 11, 2019
Fair point. I made a lot of updates early August and will continue to make some. Obviously it's difficult to find a balance between how much information but I'll keep trying to find that balance
Level 37
Mar 27, 2020
Any suggestions on other quizzes I should make?
Level 69
May 10, 2020
Level 59
Oct 2, 2023
You probably think you're a sigma skibidi toilet patrick bateman mrbeast amogus omega sigma but no. You're just a hater who can't stand people looking for suggestions and help. Instead of making some snarky comment, how about you offer suggestions on how to improve? And worst of all, two other people liked your comment. They should be ashamed. Now this comment IS three years old, so maybe you are more mature, but I sure hope that you are, because that is genuinely one of the rudest comments I've ever read.
Level 26
Dec 17, 2020
Can't believe you mispelled Big chungus.
Level 37
Jul 8, 2021
Eek, It's been a while. Problem has been fixed
Level 45
Dec 3, 2021
yea cause mr beast wanted 20,000$
Level 15
Mar 9, 2022
Level 30
Apr 22, 2022
Cursed memes:


Me: changes sleeping position

Everyone at my funeral: *loud coconut mall*


Me: slams mouse at wall since it's not working

Everyone at the pet store: *loud coconut mall*


Me: turns the fan off

Everyone on the helicopter: *loud coconut mall*


Me: opens the window to let air in

Everyone on the submarine: *loud coconut mall*


Me: throws a smoke grenade to not be seen

Everyone at the paintball game: *loud coconut mall*


Me: cuts down trees to crank 90s

Everyone at the forest: *loud coconut mall*