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1412023-02-28African countries by population
1202023-07-30Texas Counties by population (With a map)
802023-07-23Provinces of Turkey by population (with a map)
352023-02-24European countries by population
332023-08-05Fill the World Map by Country Flags but randomized
332023-05-21Spanish autonomous regions by population
322023-02-19Every European Country Shape
302023-07-16Counties of England by population (2023) (With a map)
302023-03-10US states by population
272023-11-02All Albanian municipalities
252023-06-02Indian states by population
242023-11-13Every country flag (but capitals)
232023-02-25Oceanian countries by population
222023-12-02Florida Counties by population
212023-11-28Countries of the world map quiz (but I shuffled it)
212023-06-26Indonesian provinces by population
202023-02-20Egyptian governorates by population
162023-02-25Asian countries by population
132023-06-18Russian federal subjects in population order
122023-06-01Regions of the Philippines
122023-05-27Counties of Sweden by population
122023-06-06French departments by population
122023-10-17Every coat of arms (Updated with Palestine)
122023-05-28Chinese divisions by population
112023-10-16US States by population (but 1960)
92023-05-17Country anagrams
92023-05-30Provinces of the Philippines
82023-06-22Ukrainian oblasts by population
82023-08-16Municipalities of Acre by population
72023-11-02Famous place in every French department
72023-12-02Districts of Vietnam (Ba Ria)
72023-12-02Districts of Vietnam (Bac Giang)
62023-11-13Divisions of Pakistan
62023-02-19Asian Capitals Map Quiz
42023-11-23Florida counties by picture
32023-11-26Municipalities of Rondonia by population
32023-12-02Districts of Vietnam (An Giang)
22023-12-03Districts of Vietnam (Bac Kan)
22023-12-10Districts of Vietnam (Bac Lieu)