Avatar: Book I: Water

Questions from the 1st book of Avatar the Last Airbender
Quiz by fullmoon11
Last updated: January 20, 2013
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Who finds Aang in the iceburg?
Who is Katara's brother?
Who else is in the iceberg with Aang?
After Aang is revealed to be the avatar. where do they head of to?
Northern Water Tribe
Where do they stop before that?
Southern Air Temple
What do Sokka and Katara call their Grandmother?
What activity does Aang want to do when he gets out the iceberg?
Penguin Sledding
Where does Aang go that is forbidden?
Fire Nation Ship
Aang encounters which Avatar's spirit?
Aang then finds which animal?
Flying lemur
What does Sokka name him?
Who is after Aang?
Who is Zuko's uncle?
Uncle Iroh
What nation does Zuko belong to?
Who is his father?
Fire Lord Ozai
Who else is after Aang?
Admiral Zhao
The gang lands on an island named after which Avatar?
Avatar Kyoshi
Whom do they meet there?
Kyoshi Warriors
What is the name of the girl they befried?
Who is the King of Omashi
How old is Aang?
In an earth bending village, the gang meets some earth benders. The people can't bend. Who do they find earth bending?
What does Katara steal?
Waterbending Scroll
Who does Katara develop a crush on?
What is the name of Jet's group?
Freedom Fighters
Who is the actual Blue Spirit?
Who does Aang learn waterbending from; but he refuses to teach Katara
Master Pakku
Who does Sokka develop a crush on in the Northern Water Tribe?
Yue possesses which spirit?
Moon Spirit
The two fish represent what?
Yin and Yang
Who plans the seiege?
True or False: Aang goes into the Avatar State
What is the name of the Face Stealer?
Zhao is attacked by whom?
True or False: Yue becomes the moon spirit
Katara learns what kind of water bending?
What colours are Aang's tattoos?
True or False: Aang has hair
Zuko describes his hunting the avatar as what?
His destiny
Level 70
Jun 12, 2012
They actually don't go to the Fire Kingdom ship after they go to the Southern Air Temple. Also, you spelled siege and lemur incorrectly. Could you accept just lemur, and Iroh for the one that says "Uncle Iroh". Otherwise, great quiz!
Level 70
Jun 13, 2012
Also, It's Master Pakku, not Paku.
Level 23
Jun 17, 2012
Spelled penguin, lemur, and pakku wrong. But it was a great quiz!
Level 16
Jan 19, 2013
You changed the answer to Pakku over Paku, but it doesnt accept Pakku, it still accepts Paku. Also, can you accept North Pole instead of Northern Water Trible? And the spirit of the ocean and the moon represent push and pull MORE than they do yin and yang. you should accept moon and ocean, and push and pull as well
Level 39
Feb 8, 2014
Sokka didn't name Momo. Aang named him at the end of the episode.
Level 49
Feb 16, 2017
Fantastic quiz! But maybe accept "The Kyoshi Warriors" as well?
Level 37
Jul 5, 2017
Your range of answers should be wider, because I had the right answers, but some of them didn't work.