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A list of all the public JetPunk quizzes released by user Capybarra.
# of Quizzes 80
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Times taken 20,842
Quizmaker Rank # 1,405
4,6762024-04-2060 Random Missing Countries on a Map!
4,2012024-04-1520 pays manquants sur une carte
2,5642024-03-3160 pays manquants sur une carte
1,8252024-03-1830 Random Missing Countries on a Map
1,1782024-04-1530 pays manquants sur une carte
6982024-04-1550 pays manquants sur une carte
6062024-05-1240 pays manquants sur une carte
3172024-02-16US Map Missing 15 States. (Randomized)
2552024-03-1945 Random Missing Countries on a Map
2092024-06-02Which country is your favorite?
1942023-12-25"Hardest" Quiz Ever
1912024-01-14USA map missing 15 states
1792024-04-20Enemies of European Countries
1522024-03-2255 Random Missing Countries on a Map
1502024-01-17World Map Missing 5 Countries
1482024-04-20Enemies of Middle Eastern Countries
1252024-04-2735 Random Missing Countries on a Map
1212023-11-14Enemies of China
1122024-05-1315 Most Powerful Countries by Continent.
1092023-03-18Allies of Russia
1032024-01-155 Missing North American Countries on a Map.
1002024-04-0610 Random Missing African Countries on a Map
982024-04-20Enemies of East Asian Countries
982024-03-31US Map without 20 Random States
932023-03-12Allies of China
922024-06-02Ten Random Island Countries Missing on the World Map
882024-02-29NATO Countries Missing on a Map
862024-04-20Enemies of ASEAN Countries
822023-04-13Easiest Quiz Ever
822023-06-03The 80 richest countries in the world
802024-03-3150 countries with the most tourists
792024-04-20Enemies of North African Countries
792024-04-20Enemies of Central Asian Countries
742024-04-20Enemies of North American Countries
722024-04-20Enemies of South American Countries
682023-06-03The 80 poorest countries in the world
662023-08-26Enemies of America
662024-04-20Enemies of Oceanian Countries
652023-11-14Allies of India
642024-03-16Guess the Mystery Country
602023-06-09Bottom 50 countries by tourists
542023-02-27Top 5 Most Developed Countries by Continent
532024-04-01Dog Person or Cat Person
532024-04-20Enemies of South African Countries
532023-02-26Countries Most Similar to Albania
472023-06-04Countries that are not in the 80 richest countries or 80 poorest.
462023-03-12Allies of America
452024-02-035 Most Popular Countries by Continent
432024-02-04Countries by Emoji (Easy)
412023-02-27Countries Most Similar to The United States
392024-01-16Cities by Continent-Easy
382024-02-10States With the Most Albanians
362024-05-16The Remaining African Country...
362024-03-09Which Country Doesn't Fit?
362024-01-17Cities by Continent-Hard
362024-02-07Cities by Continent-Medium
342023-12-03Guess the Country (Random)
342023-06-17Countries with the most Christians
322024-03-03Flags of Major Countries (UPDATE)
312024-01-14Most Populous Countries by Letter
302023-03-04Allies in World War 2
272023-02-26Countries Most Similar to Algeria
262023-06-06Countries in APEC
252024-01-09Countries that will gain over 200 million people first.
252024-03-18Easy Questions
252024-03-0860 paesi scomparsi su una mappa
232024-01-09Countries with the most people in the year 800,000
222024-04-26Fiji... or Fuji?
212023-08-10Geography Quiz 2
172023-03-12Countries of South America with a Map
152024-04-19Capybarra's Capybara Quiz!
142023-02-26Countries Most Similar to Afghanistan
142023-03-12Geography Quiz
142024-02-15Travel America
132024-03-03Flags of Minor Countries (UPDATE)
122024-06-08Survivor 45 Elimination Order
102023-05-12Which country is more powerful? (Tile Version)
102024-03-02Most Guessed Missing Countries
52024-07-16Survivor 46 Final Placements
22024-04-15Which Jetpunker...