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1,1442024-04-08Taylor Swift- Cruel Summer (All Lyrics)
7202023-04-27Lana Del Rey- Young and Beautiful (All Lyrics)
6042023-04-27Lana Del Rey- National Anthem (All Lyrics)
5512023-05-19Lana Del Rey- Say Yes To Heaven (All Lyrics)
4772023-05-21Taylor Swift- Vigilante Sh*t (All Lyrics)
4612023-05-11Taylor Swift- Wildest Dreams (Taylor's Version) (All Lyrics)
4552023-04-30Lana Del Rey- Ultraviolence (All Lyrics)
4422023-05-03Taylor Swift- Style (All Lyrics)
3992023-05-19Lana Del Rey- West Coast (All Lyrics)
3572023-05-19Lana Del Rey- Brooklyn Baby (All Lyrics)
2882023-05-12Lana Del Rey- Art Deco (All Lyrics)
2552023-04-25Lana Del Rey- Doin' Time (All Lyrics)
2532023-05-31Lana Del Rey- Chemtrails over the Country Club (All Lyrics)
2112023-04-28Lana Del Rey- Salvatore (All Lyrics)
2072023-04-28Lana Del Rey- Cherry (All Lyrics)
1672023-05-02Taylor Swift- Anti-Hero (All Lyrics)
1622023-06-07Lana Del Rey- Summertime Sadness (All Lyrics)
1472023-05-19Lana Del Rey- F*ck it I love you (All Lyrics)
1372023-04-29Selena Gomez- Lose You To Love Me (All Lyrics)
1352023-05-14Taylor Swift- New Year's Day (All Lyrics)
1332023-04-23Lana Del Rey- Love (All Lyrics)
1272023-05-21Taylor Swift- You're On Your Own Kid (All Lyrics)
1262023-06-05Taylor Swift- Would've, Could've, Should've (All Lyrics)
1212023-05-19Lana Del Rey- The greatest (All Lyrics)
1202023-05-11Taylor Swift- Bejeweled (All Lyrics)
1112023-06-06Taylor Swift- Karma (All Lyrics)
1082023-05-16Taylor Swift- Fifteen (Taylor's Version) (All Lyrics)
1052023-05-16Taylor Swift- Paris (All Lyrics)
1042023-05-28Lana Del Rey- Blue Banisters
992023-04-28Selena Gomez- Back to You (All Lyrics)
952023-11-15The Beatles- Now And Then (All Lyrics)
952023-06-06Taylor Swift- Lover (All Lyrics)
942023-05-06Taylor Swift- august (All Lyrics)
932023-05-25Lana Del Rey- A&W (Part 1) (All Lyrics)
872023-04-28Lana Del Rey- White Mustang (All Lyrics)
872023-05-14Lana Del Rey- Freak (All Lyrics)
862023-05-01Taylor Swift- Maroon (All Lyrics)
782023-04-29Selena Gomez- Wolves (All Lyrics)
782023-05-28Lana Del Rey- Paris, Texas (All Lyrics)
762023-05-11Taylor Swift- Mastermind (All Lyrics)
752023-05-28Lana Del Rey- Arcadia (All Lyrics)
742023-05-19Lana Del Rey- Music to Watch Boys To (All Lyrics)
722023-05-31Taylor Swift- right where you left me (All Lyrics)
702023-04-28Lana Del Rey- Honeymoon (All Lyrics)
692023-05-11Taylor Swift- cardigan (All Lyrics)
682023-05-09Taylor Swift- Lavender Haze (All Lyrics)
682023-05-22Lana Del Rey- The Grants (All Lyrics)
652023-05-11Taylor Swift- Nothing New (Taylor's Version) (All Lyrics)
622023-05-31Lana Del Rey- Candy Necklace (All Lyrics)
622023-05-16Lana Del Rey- A&W (Part 2) (All Lyrics)
622023-04-24MARINA- Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land (All Lyrics)
602023-04-27Halsey- Nightmare (All Lyrics)
602023-05-11Taylor Swift- last great american dynasty (All Lyrics)
572023-04-27Selena Gomez- Bad Liar (All Lyrics)
562023-04-26MARINA- Man's World (All Lyrics)
552023-05-14Lana Del Rey- Season of the Witch (All Lyrics)
542023-11-16Dua Lipa- Dance the Night (All Lyrics)
542023-06-06Taylor Swift- Question...? (All Lyrics)
512023-05-23Lana Del Rey- Peppers (All Lyrics)
492023-06-06Taylor Swift- The Great War (All Lyrics)
472023-05-02Taylor Swift- marjorie (All Lyrics)
462023-05-23Lana Del Rey- Margaret (All Lyrics)
432023-05-17Dua Lipa- Don't Start Now (All Lyrics)
432023-04-27Halsey- Graveyard (All Lyrics)
422023-05-31Lana Del Rey- White Dress (All Lyrics)
422023-06-06Taylor Swift- Midnight Rain (All Lyrics)
422023-05-01Halsey- Bells in Santa Fe (All Lyrics)
392023-05-19Lana Del Rey- Yosemite (All Lyrics)
382023-05-30Lana Del Rey- Fingertips (All Lyrics)
382023-04-30Daisy Jones & The Six- The River (All Lyrics)
382023-04-27Halsey- You asked for this (All Lyrics)
372023-04-25Selena Gomez- Fetish (All Lyrics)
362023-05-12Taylor Swift- mirrorball (All Lyrics)
362023-06-07Taylor Swift- Labyrinth (All Lyrics)
342023-05-25Taylor Swift- evermore (All Lyrics)
342023-05-17Dua Lipa- Physical (All Lyrics)
342023-05-01Halsey- The Lighthouse (All Lyrics)
342023-05-06Halsey- The Tradition (All Lyrics)
322023-04-30Taylor Swift- Carolina (All Lyrics)
322023-04-27Halsey- Easier than Lying (All Lyrics)
292023-05-22Taylor Swift- The Moment I Knew (Taylor's Version) (All Lyrics)
252023-06-06Taylor Swift- Sweet Nothing (All Lyrics)
252023-05-31Lana Del Rey- Sweet (All Lyrics)
242023-05-03Selena Gomez- Rare (All Lyrics)
242023-05-16Lana Del Rey- Not All Who Wander Are Lost (All Lyrics)
232023-04-29Metric- Black Sheep (Brie Larson Vocal Version) (All Lyrics)
222023-04-26Halsey- Girl is a Gun (All Lyrics)
182023-05-25Dua Lipa- Future Nostalgia (All Lyrics)
162023-05-08Taylor Swift- the lakes (All Lyrics)
152023-05-24Mark Ronson & Miley Cyrus- Nothing Breaks Like a Heart (All Lyrics)
152023-05-22Taylor Swift- Run (Taylor's Version) (All Lyrics)
132023-04-29Selena Gomez- Look At Her Now (All Lyrics)
122023-05-23Dua Lipa- We're Good (All Lyrics)
72023-05-03MARINA- Pandora's Box (All Lyrics)
52023-05-03Charli XCX- Hot Girl (Bodies Bodies Bodies) (All Lyrics)
32023-04-29Charli XCX- Used To Know Me (All Lyrics)