Top 20 Yankees: All-Time Home Run Leaders

Name the players who have hit the most home runs for the New York Yankees.
Quiz by greatastic
Last updated: October 2, 2023
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Babe Ruth
Mickey Mantle
Lou Gehrig
1936–1942, 1946–1951
Joe Dimaggio
Yogi Berra
2004–2013, 2015–2016
Alex Rodriguez
Bernie Williams
Jorge Posada
Derek Jeter
Aaron Judge
Graig Nettles
Don Mattingly
Jason Giambi
Mark Teixeira
1981–1988, 1990
Dave Winfield
Robinson Cano
Roger Maris
1928–1943, 1946
Bill Dickey
1996–2001, 2005
Tino Martinez
Paul O'Neill
Level ∞
Jun 24, 2019
If you're interested in baseball history check out The Year Babe Ruth Hit 104 Home Runs.
Level 89
Jun 25, 2019
You can debate the best in basketball, boxing, hockey, soccer, race car driving, football, swimming, horses etc, etc.

There is no debate in baseball. And given today's high bounce ball, much loosened foul ball rules, lower mound and so on he would've crushed his own statistics.

Level 68
Jun 28, 2019
He is the best because he'd been among the best as a pitcher too. Today he wouldn't see the ball much, but those few he'd hit would probably travel all the way to Hawaii or Portugal, depending from the Coast. At the same time, any of our best sluggers couldn't pick up the 8-ton bats they used then, or even walking around in those killer woolen and flannel uniforms.
Level 63
Jun 28, 2019
Honestly, Willie Mays was an unparalleled fielder and all-around player, an area Babe can't claim. Combine that with his 660 home runs (5th all-time) and 1903 RBI (12th), and Mays has to be at least in the conversation for being the better ballplayer. IMO, Mays is #1. If we're talking about impact on baseball, no question it's the Babe, as he remade the sport in his image and lent it popularity.
Level 72
Jun 28, 2019
Not to dismiss his achievements, but he played in a different era, without blacks and latinos and without all of the technological advancements of today (some of them would actually benefit him, though).

Barry Bonds' career has a stain because of PEDs, but I still consider him the greatest to ever play. Now we have Mike Trout, putting 9+ WAR seasons year after year. If he keeps this pace, he'll retire as the GOAT.

This will always be a subjective discussion, but for me, the only undebatable on the four major leagues is Wayne Gretzky on the NHL.

Also, check out my Top 10 players of all-time quizzes, I made one for each of the 30 teams.

Level 84
Feb 25, 2020
Ruth has held legendary status in MLB for so long, he's immune to comparison. The conversation will always start with him. (though I agree with dubscurry30 that Mays, arguably, was the best ever)

Agree 100% with MBatistussi. You can argue every other sport except hockey. There's Gretzky, and then there's everyone else. Watching him vs the Soviets (1987 Canada Cup?) was jaw-dropping. He was already the best in the NHL by a mile. But that showed he was the best in the world. Nobody on the planet was on his level.

Level 77
Jun 28, 2019
I'd be interested to see how the increased velocity of the average fastball would affect him. Also, would he be athletic enough to be a position player or would he have to be a DH in the A.L.?
Level 55
Jun 28, 2019
If he came up through the system like today's players do, I feel confident that his natural hand-eye coordination would allow him to excel. Likewise, with the workouts and training that modern players get I feel like he would be athletic enough to at least have a shot in the field to let his bat play (if in the National League)
Level ∞
Oct 6, 2022
Apparently he was a great fielder as well. Most of the video we have of Ruth is from late in his career, but he was definitely a good all-around athlete.

I think he would handle today's pitching just fine, but there's no question his batting average would be lower than his ridiculous .343 career total.

On the other hand, he used a very heavy bat. Using a lighter bat could help to compensate for the faster pitches.

My person opinion is that we transported an 18 year old Babe Ruth into 2022, he would quickly become the best player in baseball.

Level 70
Jun 24, 2019
Nice quiz, may as well do all the teams, then wins for pitchers..
Level 55
Jun 26, 2019
Thank you, the rest of the teams can be found in the series "Top 20 by MLB team". I plan to do wins also, as well as hits, RBIs, and other statistical categories.
Level 89
Jun 25, 2019
Hard to remember that Reggie Jackson really wasn't with the Yankees that long.
Level 91
Jul 7, 2022
According to, Aaron Judge has now passed Keller and O'Neill; as of today, the website shows him with 188 HRs:
Level 68
Aug 29, 2022
Now it's time to add Aaron Judge
Level 87
Oct 6, 2022
There's a typo in there for Cano, who travels forward in time like the rest of us!
Level ∞
Oct 7, 2022
Level 78
Apr 3, 2023
I would have had several more except I kept spelling their names wrong, like I had no idea Paul O'Neill had two "l's.
Level 73
Apr 6, 2023
Wild that 30 percent of Maris' homers with the Yankees came in 1961.