Monsters from the Monster Manual 5E Part 1

Type in the name of the monster you think is correct based on the hint to the side. Spelling does matter.
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Last updated: March 26, 2023
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Birdlike race capable of flight, originate from the elemental plane of air.
The least powerful angels in this book, typically are messengers or agents sent to other planes of existence.
A medium, clanking suit of armor with no wearer, appears to be held together by magic, and is construct in nature.
animated armor
A ghostlike creature who's wails can kill even the strongest of warriors.
An undead spherical creature with red pinpricks of light for eyes.
eye tyrant
A goblinoid creature that is extremely stealthy but powerful.
An evil, humanoid frog that prefers to capture intruders rather than kill them.
A large, wormlike creature that typically feeds off of corpses, but will viciously defend itself against those that interrupt their feeding or trespass on their territory.
carrion crawler
A large, stingray like creature that inhabits the Underdark and is capable of using illusions to confuse and distract prey.
A huge giant that can be differentiated from others by its single, large eye.
The least powerful type of demon, are created when evil souls descend into the lower planes. Orcus, the god of death, has complete power over these demons and can transform the most powerful of these creatures into more powerful demons.
These extremely powerful devils lord over the others, and are typically generals in the nine hells. These devils have wings, and whip-like tail, armored scales, and fanged teeth that drip with venom.
pit fiend
A huge, armored dinosaur with little intelligence but a massive club tail designed to kill.
A large, feline predator with toothy tentacles, and the ability to use illusions to put its enemies at a disadvantage.
displacer beast
An undead dragon that severs its ties with other dragons and the dragon gods in hopes of gaining immortality.
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