Pretty Hard Minecraft Quiz

Can you complete this Minecraft quiz, with pretty hard questions?
If you watch a certain Minecraft YouTuber/Tiktoker you might know the answers to most of these.
Quiz by lackingofname
Last updated: May 16, 2023
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Which Bedrock server has Deathrun?
The Hive
What is the name of the language on the Enchantment Table?
Standard Galactic
Which structure, removed or not, is made up of the most blocks?
Obsidian Wall
What was the original name for wool?
What is the oldest version called?
What is the name of player modelled pathfinding bots?
What do turtles drop when struck by lightning?
What was the original texture for emerald?
Before Hypixel, what was the most popular server?
In older versions, what item was used to craft chainmail armour?
What was the name of the craftable saddle?
Horse Saddle
Before 1.19, what was the rarest biome?
Modified Jungle’s Edge
As of 1.19, what is the rarest biome?
Eroded Badlands
Roughly in real time, how long would it take to break one obsidian with no tools while swimming and inflicted with Mining Fatigue III.
25 days
What structure can diamond blocks naturally spawn in?
Woodland Mansion
Which block summoned the Nether Spire in old Pocket edition?
Nether Reactor Core
What colour of axolotl was never added but remains in the game files?
What was the name of the first ever mob?
What block allows for water in the Nether?
What enchantment does the hidden leather cap found in some Woodland Mansions have on Bedrock edition and on the hidden Iron Axe in Java?
Efficiency I
What is the rarest item to find in a taiga village chest?
Large Fern
What was the name of the April Fool’s snapshot that added infinite dimensions?
The Ultimate Content Update
What year did that snapshot come out?
What year was the Minecraft movie originally set to release?
What is the technique called where you throw an ender pearl into an unrendered chunk?
Pearl Hanging
What movie was the name of neo jumps inspired by?
The Matrix
In 2009, what was the name of the armour that was worn by zombies and skeletons?
Plate Armour
What was the only armour type that was removed that could be worn by the player?
Studded Armour
What was the block added for 3 days on Minecraft’s 10th birthday?
Anniversary Cake
What was the name of the made-up dimension that was supposedly accessible through a glowstone frame and water?
The Aether
In older versions, Creepers were able to deal melee damage and what?
What is the oldest server?
What is the oldest anarchy server?
By simply sprint-jumping, what is the longest doable jump?
5 Block Jump
What developer added the now removed mobs known as Steve, Black Steve, and Beast Boy?
What is the name of the Minecraft map that contains leaked government secrets?
The Uncensored Library
What is the fastest bridging method able to be done consistently?
Telly Bridging
What is the overall fastest bridging method?
Andromeda Bridging
Who was Herobrine theorised to be?
Notch’s Brother
What is the name of the free indie Minecraft horror game that was released on
A Craft of Mine
Who composed the soundtrack for The Nether Update?
Lena Raine
What level of blast resistance does obsidian have?
What level of blast resistance does bedrock have?
What is the maximum number of blocks that can be spawned in with the /fill command?
What was the username of the player that won MrBeast’s 1,000,000 blocks mining challenge?
What were the original three mini games for Bedrock edition?
Battle, Tumble, and Glide
What is the name of the redstone machine, made with no command blocks, that detects if anyone eats anywhere in the server?
The Mess Detector
Approximately how large is the diameter of a Minecraft world in blocks?
60 million
How wide is the Outer End Gap in blocks?
Other then Dinnerbone, what else can you name a mob to turn it upside down?
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