The Troubles - Northern Ireland Conflict

Answer questions on the Northern Ireland Conflict aka the Troubles.
Acronyms are excepted for organisations and parties.
Quiz by MeistrCwis
Last updated: January 7, 2020
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What is the name of the community that supports remaining in the UK?
Ulster Loyalists/ Unionists
Largest political parties for the above community^
Largest paramilitaires for this community^
What is the name of the community that supports unification with the Rep. of Ireland?
Irish Nationalists / Republicans
Largest political parties for the above community^
Sinn Fein / SDLP
Largest paramilitary of this community^
Provisional IRA
Who gave the 'Ulster says no' speech?
Revd. Dr. Ian Paisley
Who narrowly survived an assassination attempt in 1984?
Gerry Adams
Total deaths during the Troubles
Total casualties during the troubles
What does the RUC stand for ?
Royal Ulster Constabulary
What was the name of the British militairy operation in N.Ireland during the troubles?
Operation Banner
How many protesters were killed by paratroopers on Bloody Sunday (1972)?
How many british soldiers were killed in the Warrenpoint ambush?
What, due to the high level of violence, was South Armagh knicknamed during the troubles?
Bandit Country
What 2 countries provided the most arms / funds to Republicans during the troubles?
USA and Libya
Who narrowly survived an assassination attempt at a Brighton Hotel in 1984?
Margaret Thatcher
Who also narrowly survived an assassination attempt in 1991?
John Major
What agreement was brought down by a general strike carried out by the Ulster Worker's Council in 1974?
What was the name of the famous hunger striker who died first but still became an MP in a by-election?
Bobby Sands
What was the name of the prison where the majority of suspected paramilitairies were held in N.Ireland?
Maze Prison
Finish the famous republican slogan 'Collusion is...
not an illusion
Finish the famous unionist slogan 'No...
In what English city did the largest bomb go off?
In which English city did several pubs get blown up killing 21 people?
What is the name of the event in which 2 soldiers were killed after accidently driving into a funeral?
The Corporal Killings
What band was ambushed by the UVF? (3 band members were killed along with 2 members of the UVF)
Miami Showband
What was the name giving to the 15 people who went missing during the troubles?
The Disappeared
What tactic did irish paramilitaires accuse the security forces of using instead of arresting suspects?
Shoot to kill
What are the barriers that seperate the communities called?
Peace walls
What was the name of the peace treaty that officially ended the troubles in 1998?
Good Friday Agreement
Level 55
Apr 14, 2016
In the United States, this is how we spell "disappeared". Is it different over there?
Level 41
Dec 4, 2016
No it's the same I just misspelled it
Level 67
Jun 26, 2023
Maze should be accepted for Maze Prison, especially as prison is in the question.