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1102023-10-11Some popular memes
732023-04-23Name the Generation Z slang
642023-08-04100 biggest cities in the world by letter
512023-07-31How many fruits can you name?
482023-07-25Cities in the USA with the most people for every letter
402023-04-24Name every empire
372023-07-25Biggest cities in the Middle East for each letter
372023-10-28Memes (again)
362023-09-25Countries with the most homeless people
352023-04-26How many school subjects can you name?
342023-06-05Largest country by size for each letter
332023-06-01Countries that end in Stan, land, or ia
322023-07-04Most guessed answers to the biggest cities in the world
292023-10-28Ecstacy and Fanum Tax lyrics
292023-06-18Countries and dependencies that start and end with vowels
282023-09-06Countries with only red, white, and blue flags
272023-07-17Countries that border NATO countries
232023-07-08Countries that have the most 1st level subdivisions
232023-04-22Can you name the 80 largest subdivisions by area?
222023-07-19Countries that border 2 countries
222023-06-18All modern day countries part of the USSR and Warsaw Pact
212023-07-08Countries that have fought a war against Russia
202023-05-31Independence Movements around the world
202023-06-23Cities with over 5 million people
172023-04-22Name the 100 most popuated cities in the UK
162023-07-07Dog breeds with the strongest bite
152023-06-07Countries that have a maritime border with a nuclear power
142023-06-06Countries with maritime borders with USA
132023-05-06Most populated cities of countries where the most populated city is no
132023-05-26Countries with no natural rivers
102023-11-14Languages in France
102023-06-051st level Administrative divisions
92023-04-22How many landforms can you name?
92023-07-27Counties of New England
82023-08-05Most subscribed youtube channel that starts with each letter
82023-07-09Jacksucksatlife channels (better version than my last one)
62023-05-21Jacksucksatlife channels
62023-07-13Units of temperature
62023-06-06Subdivisions in Western Europe
52023-05-21Every Channel to have the most subs
42023-05-21Every video on yt to be the most viewed
42023-07-20How many uploads in all of Jack channels has uploaded
32023-05-26Cities/Towns/Villages of Mobile county Alabama
32023-05-31Countries in slither.io skins
22023-08-04Most played Roblox game since 2006
12023-08-02Guess Jack's channels by the year of start
12023-06-18Alberts youtube channels
12023-05-26Things that joe has said
02023-07-13Famous youtubers named Jack