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53,1992019-02-11 North Korea... or South Korea?
35,2232019-02-10 Asian Countries Americans Travel to the Most
1,2792019-08-18Ottoman Empire...or Turkey
3322017-12-10World War 2 Word Chain
2812019-08-27WWII Country Entrance Order
1892019-08-281960s, 70s, or 80s?
1332019-02-11England...or New England?
1282022-01-30China, Japan, or South Korea?
1202018-03-03Top Ten Foreign Cities South Koreans Visited The Most
1162020-01-29Important Dates In Korean History
1002018-07-10Countries With The Most Positive Influence Globally
912020-03-122nd...or 3rd Reich?
772019-02-09Seoul or Pyongyang?
762017-02-09Famous Battles A to Z
692020-02-12China's Warring States
662020-01-29Genghis Khan's Family
622017-02-21Africa A to Z
592020-11-24World War 2 Surrender Order
562019-02-10North...or South Korea (Hard Version)
532019-09-22World War 1 Multiple Choice
502018-07-10Asian countries with the most Buddhists
502020-12-02Apples or Oranges
422019-12-12"Surfin' Bird" lyrics
422017-05-15U.S. State Border Groups
402019-08-26World War 2 Terms and Phrases
382020-04-08WWII: Who won the battle?
362022-08-26U.S. Presidents with Same Letter in First and Last Name.
312018-12-15South American Borders #1
312017-02-13World Leaders' Favorite Foods
292022-01-24U.S. State Secession Order
292019-01-17African Countries Backwards Fix - 3 Minutes
282019-12-18New England States Biggest Cities
282018-08-21Most Popular Dunkin' Donuts
282017-03-01Successor States
262017-11-16Alexander-named cities' modern names
232017-12-10This date in 1939
212017-05-22Most Iconic U.S. State Product
212018-03-18This Date in 1957
182020-02-12Chinese Warring States Conquest Order
172022-04-27Largest Country in a Specific Group
172020-04-08Who won the battle?
162017-11-21This date in 1948
152018-12-15South American Borders #2
142017-11-19"off" phrases
142018-03-06Locations in Africa
142019-08-27Fun with the 'stans!
132020-01-29Ancient Wonders of the World by destruction date
132020-11-24Krusty the Clown Quotes
132017-03-06Closest distance between capitals according to last letter
122020-08-08Grandpa Simpson Quotes
112018-06-10Most common uncommon things in the United States
102019-01-17South American Countries Backwards Fix - 1 Minute
52020-01-29Ancient Wonders of the World by construction date
52018-12-15Country Same First Number Pop/Area Size