World War 1 Multiple Choice

Choose the best answer corresponding to question about the Great War (WWI)
Quiz by blackrussian13
Last updated: September 22, 2019
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1. Whose death was the spark that started the war?
Kaiser Wilhelm
Franz Ferdinand
Gavrilo Princip
Tsar Nicholas II
2. Which country was NOT a member of the Central Powers?
Ottoman Empire
3. What was the name of Germany's strategic plan to force a quick French surrender before Russia could mobilize?
Schlieffen Plan
Code Yellow
Ardennes Plan
Operation Downfall
4. On the Christmas Truce of 1914 some British and German soldiers came together to play what?
Play cards
Play soccer
Play music
Play Hopscotch
5. What British ocean liner was sunk by German U-boats in 1916, shifting U.S. public opinion against Germany?
It wasn't a British ship. It was from the United States.
RMS Endeavor
RMS Victoria
RMS Lusitania
6. What 1914 battle stopped the Germans from taking Paris?
Battle of Verdun
Battle of the Marne
Battle of the Somme
Race to the Sea
7. What secret telegram proposed a military alliances between Germany and Mexico?
Enigma telegram
Munich telegram
Zimmerman telegram
Wagner telegram
8. What was the name of the German defensive positions in the West, finally broken in 1918 by the Allies?
The Fritz Line
The Hindenburg Line
The Ludendorff Line
The West Wall
9. What was the first country to be declared war on?
10. What was the name of the revolution that brought the Bolshevik Party and Lenin to power?
March Revolution
Red Revolution
Labor Revolution
October Revolution
11. Who was the President of the United States during WWI?
Franklin Roosevelt
Woodrow Wilson
Harry Truman
William McKinley
12. Manfred von Richthofen was a famous German fighter also known as?
The Horrible Hun
The Red Herring
The Red Baron
Death From Above
13. The first use of this weapon was by the British in 1916 during the Battle of the Somme.
Machine Guns
Flame Throwers
14. Whose face was on British recruitment posters, proving so popular it inspired imitation in other countries, especially in the United States?
Uncle Sam
Winston Churchill
King George V
Lord Kitchener
15. What was the name of the 48 ton howitzer that could fire a 930 kilogram shell over a distance of 15 kilometers?
Big Bertha
Big Betty
Big Boy
Grosse Gertrude
16. What treaty ended World War 1?
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
Treaty of Versailles
Treaty of Paris
The November Treaty
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