World War 2 Terms and Phrases

Choose the best definition of the following words or phrases associated with WWII.
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Last updated: August 26, 2019
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1. Panzer
A Dutch wooden shoe
A German tank
A french artillery
An American factory
2. Blitzkrieg
Secret war
Santa's reindeer
Lightning War
3. Manhattan Project
Program to develop Atomic Bomb
Plan to rebuild Europe post-WWII
Early code name for D-Day
U.K. nickname for American war involvment
4. Final Solution
Nazi term for extermination of European Jews
Soviet plan to execute all German sympathizers
U.S. plan for reconstructing Europe.
British proposal for directly invading Germany.
5. Maginot Line
Last Allied defense line around Dunkirk
System of forts/fortifications along the French/German border
Trenches the Germans passed by in the Netherlands
Line separating Occupied France from Vichy France
6. Operation Sealion
America's proposed invasion of Brazil
U.K.'s plan to seize Iceland
Japan's plan to take the California coast
Germany's planned invasion of the British Isles
7. The Winter War
British Invasion of Scandinavia
Germany's Norwegian Campaign
Russian-Finnish War
German-Russian battle at Moscow
8. Kamikaze
Japanese suicide attacks on allied ships
Japanese concentration camps in China
Japanese battle cry
Famous Chinese Communist insurgent
9. Appeasement
Policy that lead to Germany absorbing Sudetenland
Policy that lead to Germany taking Austria
Policy that lead to Germany taking Memel from Lithuania
All of the Above
10. Pact of Steel
A treaty between France, Britain, and Poland
A treaty signed by Germany and Italy
Non-aggression pact between Germany and the Soviet Union
Non-aggression pact between Japan and the Soviet Union
11. Yalta Conference
Major meeting of Stalin and generals to redefine strategy
Wartime meeting with Allied leaders outlining the future United Nations.
Final meeting of the "Big 3" Allied leaders.
First meeting with Roosevelt and Churchill after U.S. war declaration
12. Enigma Machine
Italian cappuccino machines
Code breaking device used by Britain
Encryption device used by Germany
Lie detection device used by the Soviets
13. ETO
Japan's abbreviation for Peal Harbor attack
The abbreviation for the "European Theater of Operations"
Early codename for "Operation Overlord"
U.S./British convoy distress signal
14. B-24
Soviet Tank
British Fighter
U.S. bomber
German Submarine
15. Operation Unthinkable
Allies' planned direct seaborne invasion of Germany
Proposed U.S. alliance with Japan against Soviets
Secret plans for atomic bombing of Berlin
Code name of war plans by Western Allies against the Soviet Union
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