Does This Korean Word Have a Long Vowel? - 가

These Korean words start with '가'. How many words can you correctly sort into these two categories: words with a long vowel and words without a long vowel?
Usually, a Korean word may NOT have a long vowel in a syllable that is not the first syllable
According to the [ Standard Korean Dictionary]
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Last updated: December 9, 2023
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가동하다 (to operate (a factory, a machine, etc.))
가혹하다 (to be harsh)
가렵다 (to be itchy)
가파르다 (to be steep)
가지다 (to have)
가급적 (as (adjective/adverb) as possible)
가령 (for example)
가열하다 (to heat)
가리다 (to distinguish)
가르다 (to divide)
가냘프다 (to be faint (of a sound))
가미하다 (to add)
가죽 (skin of an animal)
가볍다 (to be light (of weight))
가게 (shop)
가르치다 (to teach)
가다 (to go)
가꾸다 (to grow (plants))
가오리 (ray (animal))
가맹점 (affiliated store)
가리다 (to obscure)
가설 (hypothesis)
가위 (scissors)
가계 (household (in economics))
가식 (pretense)
가상 (imagination)
가라앉다 (to sink (intransitive))
가재 (crayfish)
가시광선 (visible light)
가공하다 (to process)
가래 (phlegm)
가늘다 (to be thin (to have a short diameter))
가결 (approval)
가처분 (provisional injunction)
가사 (lyrics)
가리키다 (to point)
가방 (bag)
가칭 (tentative name)
가지 (branch)
가시 (thorn)
가련하다 (to be pitiful)
가책 (often used in 양심의 가책: compunction)
가전제품 (household appliances)
가뿐하다 (to be relieved)
가변 (usually used before another noun to mean "variable")
가지런하다 (to be even)
가하다 (to apply (pressure, force, etc.))
가장자리 (edge)
가장하다 (to disguise)
가관 (sight, as in "The player was a sight when he fumbled the ball.")
가득하다 (to be full)
가담하다 (to participate in)
가뭄 (drought)
가정 (home, family)
가축 (livestock)
가엾다 (to be pitiful)
가락 (tune)
가분수 (improper fraction)
가지각색 (a variety of things)
가을 (autumn)
가져오다 (to bring)
가장 (most, -est)
가입하다 (to join (an organization))
가구 (furniture)
가두다 (to confine)
가학적 (cruel)
가로 (width)
가문 (one's family)
가지 (eggplant)
가격 (price)
가늠하다 (to estimate)
가능하다 (to be possible)
가장 (head of a household)
가수 (singer)
가슴 (chest (body part))
가옥 (house)
가세하다 (to join in)
가깝다 (to be close)
가속도 (acceleration)
가로등 (streetlamp)
가소성 (plasticity)
가까스로 (barely)
가랑이 (crotch)
가해자 (assailant)
가난 (poverty)
가짜 (fake: noun)
가호 (God's/Buddha's protection)
가망 (prospect)
가정 (assumption)
가만히 (quietly)
가면 (mask)
가루 (powder)
가닥 (strand)
가치 (value)
가소롭다 (to be ridiculous)
가끔 (sometimes)
가운데 (centre, middle)
가족 (family)
가구 (household)
Long vowel
No long vowel
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